King Lil G Explains His Song “Who Shot 2Pac”, 2Pac Loving Mexicans

King Lil G’s song titled “Who Shot 2pac” in which he says was to pay homage to the rap star does not need to be questioned. The rapper tells DJ Vlad “I don’t have to be Black to do a song about Tupac,” and explained that he was merely showing the same love he had for Mexicans during his life. Although Mexicans are facing the wrath of the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, he believes Pac had “balls” to share his compassion for Mexicans during a time where multiracial relationships barely existed. With his music now, the rapper wants to exude the same teachings and tell “Mexicans to rep who [they] are as a culture.”

Watch the full interview above.


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  • This do sound like a real jock rider

  • "mexicans appropriate black culture" stfu .. look at all these rappers with hispanic names and praising hispanic drug lords, "migos" "hoodrich PABLO JUAN" "jose guapo"etc ,

  • This nigga is a sureño from LA and real sureños hate blacks they are having a race war in LA because the Mexican mafia put a green light on blacks . And sureños hate on norteños because we fuck with blacks. Lame ass nigg

  • AK47 mixtape by King Lil G is so good!

  • Mexicans (as a collective) are some of the most racist pieces of shit you will ever meet as a blk person. If 2pac was alive and experienced the mexican beef in Cali, he prolly wouldve took back his words.

  • I fucj with king g bro. All races need to unite

  • wetbacks ride niggas dicks


  • These two culture vultures/appropriators…..and this clown probably wasn't even alive then to know….

    Black people have gone through it way more than Mexicans….If it wasn't for black people's struggles, their asses wouldn't
    be here to reap any benefits. Where is the U.N.I.T.Y when black people are getting killed in the streets by police with no impunity…??

  • hes wrong Eazy e signed brownside he did it 1st

  • to be fair stop saying that Vlad SHIT

  • God bless you Tupac shakur for liking us Mexicans

  • So many hateful comments. As a non black person of color I got alot of respect for African Americans because of the civil rights movement. There's also a side of African Americans that like to show their superior which isn't any different from being a racist. I grew up in the projects with black folks and some we befriended but most would always try to fuck with us for no reason. I also dislike the "hip-hop culture vulture" shit. Anybody can be hip-hop and yes it was started by African Americans but it was also in America, not Africa. America is a country to of immigrants, anyone can be hip-hop if they want to but I do agree that you should always pay homage and respect the creators. so you can't say you "hate"black people and listen to black artist like tupac. it doesn't make sense.

  • High Yellow sky dweller and the rose gold
    Legend of the summer in the Rose Bowl
    Came through Pasadena in the low-low
    Just to show respect to the cholos -jay Z

  • Eazy E open the lane for Mexicans in the rap game. Facts

  • It wouldn't be Miami without Cubans

  • stfu puto

  • you want real Mexican rap ?? conejo criminal lil one shadow knightowl cuete duende . this weenie is not

  • Black American culture still belongs to the white man!

  • Baby Lane shot him

  • I got love for Mexicans and in return the ones I dealt with had love for me too. Fuck the shit these muhfuckas in the comments are talking about.

  • I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world. – Tupac

  • orlando anderson.

  • king lil g make a change by realizing we are all people regardless of race

  • i don't really give a fuck about how much he loves tupac if pac was alive to see the name of his song he would've pimp slapped the fuck out of this dude

  • blacks love everyone. we are the moms and dads of everyone, we have to, its natural.

  • mexicans are fucking annoying


  • rap is for BLACK and MEXICAN culture
    please my dear mushy brown cutie skin lets fuck EMINEM out of our shit doe

  • Good interview. I like artist who have intelligents…

  • my nigga said psycho realm. mad love