Kimmel Audience Recreates North Korean Olympic Cheer

The real stars of the Olympics so far are not athletes, they’re the cheerleaders from North Korea. Their cheers are very catchy and look like a lot of fun so we taught it to the audience and the result was very impressive.

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Kimmel Audience Recreates North Korean Olympic Cheer



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  1. im disgusted by all the praise of kims sister and these cheerleaders who were most likely forced to go to the winter olympics. I cannot believe people are supporting and normalising a regime that tortures and kills their citizens. A regime that throws countless thousands in gulags and camps. a regime that starves their people. a regime that murdered a american for taking a propaganda poster. a regime that forced a women to drown her baby. a regime that threatens nuclear war. the list goes on. I am in disbelief that people in their right mind can support such monsters. kims sister isnt a beautiful lady that is being rebellious and throwing shade to mike pence. she is the leader of north koreas propaganda, the propaganda that brainwashes their citizens. those cheerleaders arent happy go lucky women supporting their country. they are victims of the worst country on earth, held against their will and likely threatened with death if they dont comply. anyone who shows support for this is no better then the monsters who have killed tortured and starved countless human lives within north korea.

  2. I think that they should make the the North Korean athletes win no matter what the real score is, just out of humanity compassion, because if these athletes lose they will probably be publicly excited when they go back home.

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