Kim Cattrall Calls Out Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’

The ‘Sex and the City’ star made it very clear on Instagram, she does not want SJP’s support during this ‘tragic time.’



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  1. even if SJP is not the person that we think she is, Kim was rude to call her off. and even when she is open to say she is not friends with any of her co-stars, she doesn't have to say those things in public!

  2. SJP needs to mind her fucking business. The fact that the fued begun from the sex and the city season 5 series till now we the hardcore fans can tell that it was not a kiss & make up fued. SJP treated her like shit from season 5 all the way till now and then more on the 2 movies it's like she got to stop or else karma will be getting back at her very badly

  3. ITS ALL PUBLICITY. Anyone who thinks this is real you're gullible. THEYRE ACTRESSES!!!! I mean yea they probably have a little rift but it keeping the sex and the city name in the news so when the movie drops it hits number one and they both get a FAT CHECK!!!

  4. Kim C. isn't about telling social lies to make everyone feel comfortable and it's making Sarah Jessica Parker look fake AF. Then SJP does a trembling lower lip and everyone thinks that Carrie Bradshaw was done wrong. LOL If they were coworkers and not friends it's not the end of the world.

  5. Been there done that! I have a friend who has thrown me under the bus for over 12 years. So I guess you eventually have to part ways and be tough about it. I'm sad it has to be something we know about. It's between them.♥

  6. There is no evidence of SJP being rude or mean. It's legit all hearsay. Post a video or anything not hearsay of her being rude….The only 1 who has proven she is rude is Kim.

  7. It's pretty basic to say I'm sorry for your loss so for Kim to act like that is insane. I always think she was jealous because Sarah Jessica Parker got to be an executive producer on the show and was a star of the show.

  8. I think that Sarah being the producer of many SATC episodes and the movies as well didn't sit well with Kim who maybe thought she deserved more money, power or attention since her character "Samantha" was indeed very popular and loved. It must have been hard for Kim having to work under Parker's decision since she had more decision-making powers than Cattral.

  9. Kim Cattrall would not have lashed out like that unless she had a reason to. It's been reported that SJP and Kim never got along and the other two co-stars always sided with SJP, not even speaking to Kim on set unless they had to. Must had been a horrible working environment for kim for six long years even though the show itself was very successful. So the bottom line is, Kim finally called out the hypocrisy of SJP and just stopped the pretense that they were friends when they never were.

  10. I hate to say it but I'm NOT surprised at SJP's treatment of Kim Cattrall .. SJP looks like she Totally would be a BIOTCH!! She was Jealous OBVIOUSLY because Samantha was a MUCH More Popular Character on the show than Carrie, Period!!!

  11. These two women are d enough to be grandmothers. This is disgusting. At a certain age I can’t imagine being involved in this sad and silly media trash fest when making peace with my life and self reflection would seem much more important.

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