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In the summer of 2001, a controversy unlike any other led to the disqualification of the Bronx baseball team from the Little League World Series. At the center of the bizarre story was a quiet, unassuming 14-year-old kid named Danny Almonte.

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  • Wrd he was killing in 01 but he was ringing like a mf

  • he speak like a rod

  • Even the little league world series is rigged.SMH

  • looks like Lonzo Ball

  • His team beat my hometown team in the Mid-Atlantic final. Getting the regional title after the World Series was a hollow victory for sure, but this story made me have more sympathy for him-since back then I assumed he was a partner in everything.

  • They held this against him and is bs….he had a 0.00 era and batted .400 in his last season in college. Didn't draft this beast

  • espn please keep making these they're awesome. high five and special olympics were informing and very inspirational. you also don't need to set aside 5 hours of your day

  • First time age tampering in LL my ass. It became cheating when white kids were getting smoked by Dominicans from the Bx. So before this they never checked birth certificates???!! FOH

  • I thought it was a young Jimmy Butler for a second bro

  • What about the '92 llws where the Philippines team won the entire thing but got caught using overaged kids and kids from different little leagues

  • Danny Almonte is the reason I watch the little league world series tbh

  • K Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

  • I remember playing against him in high school, we heard about him and we literally ran him off the field in Truman high school…

  • Cheaters never win.

  • balvaro

  • Touching man.. people always taking advantage of talented kids..

  • Looking like bartolo colon over there

  • where's krestoph perszinis

  • When I was in high school I was 13 playing football against 18 year olds. I really don't see the issue.

  • good story. i remember when this happened. glad for the happy ending for the family.

  • Im sure his father wasn't the smartest, but atleast he was trying to help his kid be something special and get him to the pro's.  It wasn't right , but most of the world sits on there ass and does nothing except talk about what everyone else is doing wrong.  When he pitched it was the only time I ever paid attention to the Little League World Series   lol

  • dear kids. adults lie, cheat, steal, it ain't your fault.

  • He self-identified as a 12-year-old kid how dare people discriminate against him

  • I was in high school in the Bronx at the time. He ended up playing in the same division as my school eventually. He played pretty well but never developed into anything more. Still remember my friend struck him out ha. Still lost by a lot though.

  • This video is making me wish I was bilingual.


  • we got robbed OCEANSIDE BABY 760

  • I don't feel bad at all. They were just trying to better their lives from bad living conditions. Unlike the white collar crimes who steal millions cause they need another Bentley lol

  • Interesting. Just like they checked the Jackie Robinson West team from Chicago after they made it far. 🤔

  • I remember hearing about this a week before my 13th birthday. It was the biggest story out of New York until about a week when something else happened.

  • It's sad what some parents and coaches will do to kids make their kids winners. I want my kids to win their games, but I want them to also understand how handle losing. I'd rather see my kids go out and give something their all and lose than to find some way to cheat. It's sad to watch my girls cry after they lose, but they're not going to win everything in life and this is a way for them to prepare for that

  • There was a reference in the movie the benchwarmers

  • Danny you're the man bro respect