Kevin Durant is the second youngest player to 20,000 points | SportsCenter | ESPN

Kevin Durant is the second youngest player to 20,000 points and one of five players to hit the milestone before the age of 30.

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  1. People out here bringing LeBron James name out can't even let Kevin Durant have his moment like no let the man have his moment LeBron James is a great player a hall of fame player but damn let Kevin Durant breath before you start comparing him to LeBron James and by the way Kevin Durant went to a different tram LeBron James went to a different team Michael Jordan went to a different team so there's that LeBron James went to an okay team that just needed a leader Kevin Durant went to a super star team so there's that but there is also LeBron James 5 and 3 record and Kevin Durant 1 and 0 record and Stephen Curry 2 and 1 record I'm just saying let the man breath

  2. Say what you want about Lebron coming from highschool. But he's the only "pass first guy" in this "scorers" list. Let's face it, he's virtually a pointguard. That's pretty impressive imo.

  3. Isn't it funny that he's second to LeBron while lebron is considered a pass first guy And Kevin's primary thing is scoring. sorry Kevin you can run to the warriors but you can't hide from the truth! King James has and always will be better than you until he gets old

  4. Man. KD is in his own league. He's after the LeBron James era. Not in the same time. This dude played in college first. Same thing with MJ. Bro played in college first. Yeah and KD was hurt. All this matters. Give the kid a break. Damn. Lol let's not forget MJ was injured as well and so was Kobe. All these LeBron Ryder's, man. He won't win another championship. It's over James. I told everyone this on Twitter and Facebook who follow me. But he had decent run. I still felt some of his rings wasn't good wins. He cried too much. 🙄 #NoKing #CryBabyJames

  5. Fastest to 20k points:
    1. Wilt: 499 games played
    2. Jordan: 620
    3. Oscar Robertson: 671
    4. Kareem: 684
    5. Elgin Baylor: 711
    6. Iverson: 713
    7. Jerry West: 720
    8. Lebron: 726
    9. Shaq: 727
    10. Durant: 737

    Hopefully this can clear up all the shit talk about Durant missing a season and how LeBron blah blah blah…

  6. Y’all do realize that KD actually could’ve been the youngest to 20,000 by almost a whole season right?! He’s missed a ton of games and he came into the league after a year in college

  7. So what? Kevin Durant's a scrub in my books. Couldn't win his first NBA Championship on his own, so he had to somewhat ride the cheat his way to get his first championship title by riding on the coattails of a team that is considered a "super team" because of their 3 point capabilities. KD couldn't earn his NBA Title without them, so he wormed his way to get it like that.

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