Kenyon Martin On Playing In The BIG3 With Allen Iverson & Why The NBA Has Gone Soft

Kenyon Martin On Playing In the BIG3, Allen Iverson & Why The NBA Has Gone Soft

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  • If Angela was there, she'd be all over K-Mart, probably about his dick size and shit like that.

  • Get my nigga AI on the breakfast club please

  • they can hand check? oh yeah i gotta see this they bringing real defense back

  • Now for those who don't know what basketball is explain that for us – DJ Envy

  • They all say they where the first to sign up

  • give dj envy the biggest hee haa for saying the man son got drafted in college.

  • Envy:So Kenyon tell the people out there what basketball is

  • Great Interview

  • If I hear this man say "This, that, & the third" one more goddamn time!!!

  • ayyyeee he went to my highschool!!! shout out to my city! Dallas Texas

  • Cool dude

  • Met Kenyon in Denver while he was still playing with the Nuggests. Really laid back and nice guy…

  • youtube this man's highlights when he played with the Nets…..i still cry watching smh.

  • at what time does he talk about the NBA going soft?

  • Nigga envy know nothing about sports 😭😭 "he got drafted to college"

  • I don't know how Kenyon liked his time in Denver, and I personally don't agree with his lap tattoo, don't know why he got it, but when he was in Denver he was great.respectable man, respectable player, great player, and a seemingly great man. regardless of what people say got mad respect for you Kenyon. went and made yourself a world class athlete. congrats brother on making yourself, rooting for you and horford in the big 3. time to take over man. I love AI and he might take over the league. but I'm rooting, and if anyone can take him down, and his team, everybody's good. but if anyone it's gonna be you guys. keep up brotha

  • NBA is rigged just like other sports I would rather watch wwe

  • Kenyon: There wasn't a formula it wasn't a childhood dream to be in the league.
    I just always played hard.

    Envy: So what was your process to get into the league for people that don't know?

    Toddlers have better questions than that.

  • He dunked on Tim Duncan


  • Kenyon looking like a black Vin Diesel

  • Rashad McCants from Asheville NC


  • Loved me sum Kenyon
    Martin, his game was on
    point.Him and Anthony Mason had the type of
    fearlessness I admired.

  • Looks like a black Vin Diesel

  • "This, that, and the third."

  • Listening to Kenyon I realized he should have some job in the NBA it's sad that the league always keeps guys like this out…

  • Kmart bout to bAll out

  • Joe buddens twin bro

  • I spent more money on big 3, than NBA tickets 😂😂😂

  • ikr. this, there and the

  • Figures Envy would get hung up on the make and model of the vehicle, as if that matters.

    Such a female.

  • The Cavs could use KMart to throw people around?

    Do you not watch Tristan Thompson do that on EVERY REBOUND? LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • This nigga Envy may as well be a broad.

    Always in his feelings. How many niggas they had on here over the years who he had petty… and I mean PETTY beefs with? Only knows about money, cars and fashion… sat here and said to this man's face, "What is the formula… you weren't drafted #1"


    KMart was the #1 overall pick in 2000! Where were you? Nigga was so good that even after breaking his leg three months before the draft, the Nets STILL took him #1 overall.


  • AYYYY my cousin on the breakfast club!!

  • after charlemagne told him i dont think you should have told that story kenyon pulled out that ol' time religion preachers sweat rag to wipe his brow lol

  • LeBron>kobe
    he's better in every statistical category and he has 3 finals mvps, kobe only has 2. LeBron has never missed the playoffs in his prime and kobe has. The only difference is that kobe had prime shaq, lebron had scrubs for a long time.

  • its better without angela

  • The LeBron talk is so one sided it's crazy no will to win?? 40+ minutes ? Averaging a triple double in the finals? 8 consecutive finals appearances ? And no will to win? Cmon now we know that's not a true statement.

  • k Mart always will be my guy solid brother and a great player

  • Vin diesal