Kendall and Kylie Jenner Were Called Out for Exploiting Rap Legends

Kendall and Kylie Jenner just released their first-ever vintage t-shirt collection, and they’re getting called out for exploiting rock and rap legends with it. The limited-edition t-shirts that they are selling feature photos of the sisters or their initials superimposed on top of vintage t-shirts for rock acts like Pink Floyd, Metallica, and The Doors and rap acts like 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. People are especially upset over the shirts that seem to feature the Jenner sisters exploiting rap legends to turn a profit.

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  • People getting mad at this is wack TRIGGERED LITTLE BITTY WHORES. Broke people the maddest


  • I am starting to dislike these too. They are really disrespecting our black legends!

  • People are sensitive af

  • The only talent they have is stealing and they aren't even good at that!!! Stick to sleeping around

  • yall niggas gay getting mad cause a bad bitch on the tees and Tupac ass

  • Disgraceful!!!

  • these dumb bitches are just famous Cuz of morons who actually give a damn about there life's smh


  • HOW TF ANYBODY IN THE JENNER TEAM THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA???! how they aint get sued almost instantly for this bullshit??? Its lowkey like taking a piece of art, slapping ur name on it and then selling it as your own. I HOPE THEY GET SUED TO HELL AND BACK FOR THIS DISRESPECT

  • the disrespect that kendall and kylie have, all of these legends are dead give some respect

  • 2:16, I can't be the only one who think she looks like a duck there

  • i personally think it was dope, was actually gonna cop 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ don't find it that big of a deal. people just like to make big deals out of everything , at the end of the day we're still all ants to there enormous fan base and the money they make so I'm surprised they even cared enough to take it off the site

  • The Kardashians are problematic af and need to stay out of the fashion industry; the fashion industry is not to be made fun of, nor the rap legends. Ugh so disrespectful.

  • Culture Vultures

  • a hundred and twenty five dollars for those pieces of shit??? wtf

  • Why the hell

  • 0:41 lol, Redman on the right

  • Ew Kendall 0:30 what happened your face?

  • These girls have never really been original, they always have to take from someone else to promote their crap.

  • kendall kylie I saw your shopbop page. Please make your clothes less high fashion and more edgy sexy girl next door – like Kylie's current and kendalls earlier fashion- to appeal to the average girl/shopper. There are several hits on your shopbop like the blue striped midriff bearing top with the one strap and the knee high boots and several misses like the star tote handbag and the ugly handkerchief backpack. You should have made a leather backpack with gold or silver clasps-something​ like the McKenzie bag. those are nice. Please make sure your fashion is relatable and appeals to the average girl. oh and khloe needs to advertise more. her jeans are amazing. i wish she made flowy curvy tops.

  • kendall Kylie please make clothes that remind ppl of your style.

  • i do not like alot of kendall high fashion model style by the way. I like her old girl cool girl next door sttle.

  • These motherfuckers disrespected pink floyd and the doors, im about to kill them hoes like a white boy at a school

  • kendall kylie one day make dolls and princess movies and books. kylie do a young girl starter makeup kit. you guys should produce and teenage show. real life or animated about your high school/young adult/or hollywood life. kylie make an animated series for tv with high fashion etc or produce a teenager sitcom. it would be cool.

  • did you guys watch as told by ginger.

  • "Speedy Morman" lol

  • selling winning sound familiar?

  • God I hope people are buying to burn the damn things.

  • I am sad that their campaign was disfavoured. sux for all involved. I think we need to reflect on the Jenner's PR and executive team for not being thorough with this. its simple trademark and postmortem shit. surely they have the resources to advise in this stuff.

  • I mean when your family is known for fucking rappers then there's nothing sincere about an apology when you were trying to make a profit on a culture you could a give a fuck about.
    They already have a couple dozen fucks away already.

  • Who would want to exploit black culture anyway. It's all about the thug life.

  • My thing is, as many black friends you got, plus your brother-in-law, and non of them joker did not check them….I'm just saying #SoDisrespectful

  • I'm so tired of these "celebrities" taking illegal liberties with copyrights and then "omg..we didn't know" that they committed a crime. I don't believe for ONE SECOND that these girls didn't know in advance of what they were doing.  They knew good and damn well what they were doing and so did their teams.  This is the pattern….break the law, sell the shirts, admit the wrong in the press, pull the shirts, then watch as those who fight over the SOLD shirts put then on and promote their brand even more. The smart ones will put them up on The Bay (eBay) and cause a bid war.  No one is that stupid.  I hope they get sued by every single estate whose copyright they used illegally.  I hope they get the book thrown at them.

  • Shut the fuck up about 'appropriating black culture' you dumb fucks. Without cultural appropriation our world wouldn't be the way it is, let's give an exampe; Feudal Japan. Japan lived isolated until the 1800s until westerners introduced newer, more modern ideas and technology to them. If this apporpriation of culture did not occour, Japan would have been stuck in the age of Feudalism. So shut the fuck up about 'appropriating black culture' because ther is NOTHING wrong with it.

  • Thats all on purpose. I bet half of you will wanna see the show!

  • so tired of these people already

  • yo so they used an iconic photo of NOTORIOUS BIG and TUPAC SHAKUR an iconic photo they took together, the two most greatest rappers of all time with the most scandalous beef at all time, who made actual fucking history in music and was and still is the backbone of hip hop. how are they gonna overlap kendall jenners boiled egg headass over the fucking photo ??? how was she relelvant to that, how was kendall and kylie jenner relevant to NOTORIOUS BIG and TUPAC SHAKUR ?????? haha im so done…

  • What the hell is going on earth?

  • No offense but what's the difference in them putting icons on their shirts from all these other companies? I see clothes with Biggie and Pac all the time and I don't see none of y'all boycotting them. I'm starting to think y'all just hate everything the Kardashians/Jenners do 🙄

  • Their lucky afeni shakur isn't alive

  • I was disgusted watching an ISIS video then I saw this.

  • Let them do whatever they want. I don't like their producers so I'm not buying them. There you go

  • I swear they're gunna dye there skin black next lmao

  • So there shirts are someone else designe and mark with there name on it and there making money on it hmmm and same people ask what's going on now in the world

  • Why not get ur own talent and live off ur own crap and stop appropriating Black peoples stuff at your leisure. It's cool to date bm, wear the clothes, listen to the music but let some real ish jump off and see what side they will land on?? duh..:Miley c, Justin t and many others that don't need mentioning. #walkinourshoes

  • hеy if u guуz nееd Gеms & Cash i knоw a suрррpеr good glitch u can use tо gеt thеm fаaast, it's onlinе herе – Enjoyyy !

  • bruh wtf ..