Kellyanne Conway reacts to Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ tweets

The counselor to President Trump tells “GMA” she endorses his ability to connect to voters on social media, and claims the media are more focused on the president’s tweets than policy.

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  • Stop interviewing her! She answers nothing! It's annoying to hear her talk rapidly about nonsense, even while the host is speaking…!

  • Sue the s.o.b.!!

  • BTW, she looks like she survived a bar brawl!!

  • Kellyanne can't answer a single question. Stop talking to her

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  • Stupid Greek…asshole like all those liberals/demorats/PC/…M/fs…!!

  • old whore in a new dress

  • Rip her children away from her! She is a cancer and needs to be disposed of. Unworthy and unfit to be labeled a human. Jail her and her lover trump and throw away the key.

  • Fake news are False news, they being use by the spiritual evil beings to deceive, divide, and destroy mankind. They will be account for their lies when they stand before God in the Day of Judgment. The sad news is it will be too late.

  • is this the news or a SNL skit?

  • Kellyanne speaks the truth.


  • The amount of stupidity in this woman is staggering..

  • HAH .. there can be absolutely no respect for the office of the president before the hypernarcissistic Trumplethinskin is removed from it.

  • Tabloid President.

  • Trump is a counter puncher? Like when he denied Obama's citizenship? Like when he called Mexicans rapists!? Like when he called the pope disgraceful? Like when he urged his supporters to attack detractors? Like when he consistently attacked the media (except Breitbart and Fox News) for reporting the news simply because it's exposing his gross ineptitude? What a horrible piece of shit she is.

  • How is reporting the news concerning the Russia investigation an insult? And how long were they supposed to cover the 1/2 of one page tax plan, which I believe went as far to say that the tax would plan would be "tremendous" without saying much else.

  • And Kelly Ann. You are not being attacked because of your gender or because of where you work. You are being defended for the vile and untruthful things that come out of your mouth.

  • What? She makes ZERO sense.

  • Get the he fuck over it all you mother fuckers

  • She looks like a mom with out a paycheck 🙁

  • You are just a mouthpiece of Trump, Kelleyanne Conway! Believe it, you are a robot, no logic, and you undermine your own principles by declaring Trump "can fight back" when attacked. Obviously, Trump can spend his countless hours responding to "all" his critics instead of attending to his Presidential duties! What a covfefe! Shame on you, Conway!

  • All I hear is blah blah blah from kellyanne

  • she never answers the questions .. she takes a word from the question and twists it to make it seem like she answered it! she is insane but like .. a smart sociopath kind of insane .

    how could you support Donald trumps childish tweets?

    do you know what is childish? the fact that ….. blah blah blah ..

    that is what she does

  • -Do you endorse trumps tweets
    -I endorse his right… comey, Russia

  • A con artist, employs a shameless woman named Con-way to terrorize the media to shut them up, meanwhile their Russian KGB master laughs in Kremlin, you can't make this shit up but it is reality. Why Americans are not revolting violently is beyond me.

  • White people skin are so disgusting and sick looking lol thank God I'm not white

  • I hate this bitch so much