Karrueche’s Manager Says Iyanla “Fake Pretends She’s Trying To Help”

While out promoting her TNT show ‘Claws’ which just got picked up for second season, Karrueche Tran pulled up on Angie Martinez during which they discussed her acting career which already scored her two EMMYs, internet trolls, where she stands mentally and spiritually now that she’s overcome the Chris Brown drama and that intense interview she did for the OWN Network with Iyanla Vazant .

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  1. I actually like Karrueche now. So glad she got rid of the trash and got her shit together. Best decision she ever made. He may be the reason the world met her, but she's moved far beyond him and he does not define her.

  2. Why is she still talking about a guy that she put a R.O. on? Didn't this shit happen in 2015? If anything this bitch is a stalker and Chris needs to get a gag order on her . Stop speaking up on somebody that supposedly "Abused" you right?. You were so broken but did a whole ass interview about it a few days later.

  3. Her manager talks out of his butt crack! Please follow his snap chat! All he does is proposition young women and discredit all women. He is the next Harvey Weinstein , so I wouldn't take his word for nothing. Let me drop some facts on you. HE put K on Iyanla to exploit the situation with her and Chris brown and bring Chris down. Iyanla spoke truth to power and anyone watching that could see that she didn't care about the messy agenda they had BUT karrueche's life. After that interview we can all see that it clearly hit a nerve and K stopped being a doormat and bossed up! – How about a Thank you?! – Further more, throw the whole manager away.

  4. How long is she gonna continue to speak on a man she’s so afraid of and threatened by? But you want to move on and be known for your own name? Nobody is interested in you unless you’re linked to his name or some other rappers name. Her and her pedophile ass manager need to go. Angie fake for that shit too cause she watched the doc and knows that baby was conceived while they were broken up 🙄

  5. Everybody loves to say how she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for chris but she is the reason why she's still here she have a make up line she's on a hit show her personality is everything leave her alone damn

  6. What I can't understand is the comments of people saying they don't like her but yet u took time to click this video and comment and I'm 100% sure u watched the interview so apart of you finds her interesting so shut and don't watch or shut up and watch those are your opinions

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