Karreuche, Too $hort, and More Celebrate the Holidays With Uncle Snoop | GGN NEWS

Snoop and squad bring the year to a close with a holiday feast, Christmas carolers, and lively convo over full cups and enough weed to sedate a snowman.

With Hanukkah officially in the rear-view mirror and Christmas around the corner, the holidays are in full swing. And while Snoop and his ever-expanding extended family skipped their annual Thanksgiving feast for a best-of roundup show, you can bet your ass the Doggfather isn’t missing out on some Yuletide cheer.

On this very special holiday episode of GGN, Snoop is joined by a table of new and old faces, as everyone’s favorite uncle welcomes Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Too $hort, Luenell, Michael Blackson, Karrueche Tran, Fatboy SSE, and more to break bread and harmonize over holiday tunes.

While Snoop substitutes lukewarm catering for red hot reefer, the squad breaks down the origins of Christmas, talks broken dreams of holidays’ past, and, on more than one occasion, spontaneously breaks into song. Because after all, even if they’re not really relatives, the holidays are always best spent with the fam!

So before the holidays pass us by and we all inevitably break our New Year’s resolutions, take a load off and get in the Christmas spirit with MERRY JANE and GGN.


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  1. I remember when I was like 14 or 15 all I got was a pair of socks for christmas. My mom had promised me and my brother all kinds of shit but didnt come thru then she grabbed a belt and tried to whoop me when I asked about all the shit she said she got us on christmas morning smh I shouldve known somthing was up when she said the presents were still in the trunk of her car instead of under the tree on christmas eve lol those were some fucked up days then. All my cousins came thru with new shit and was asking me what I got, I was pissed lol if she wouldve kept it real I couldve dealt with it better but she kept the lie going all the way til christmas morning. I was hurt, sad and embarrassed. She couldnt afford it that year ok cool then say so, dont lie and string us along then try to beat me and take your anger out on me cause I questioned you about all the fuck shit you been saying. That following summer I got on my grind and started hustling and doing whatever to get it on my own and havent looked back or had a sad christmas since.

  2. maaaaaan c'mon now man,, yal missing bout a half a dam hour now, c'mon now uncle snoop, whats up with this 23 minute stuff now? i aint used to this now i was ready to hear micheal blackson propose to karuche and laugh at his sorry ass for about 30 more minutes …ol dusty ass and its abourt ahour to the end of my shift and i aint got sht to do… where the bloopers at dam stormy fronts…something

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