Karl Kani on 2Pac Not Charging Him for Ad, Biggie Wearing Kani Jeans When He Died

Karl Kani sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss a series of topics concerning his start in fashion and how he built his brand. The Karl Kani brand became a staple in hip-hop culture, and Kani details how legends like Biggie and Pac catapulted his brand into legendary status. Karl Kani revealed the backstory to the iconic ad that featured Pac sitting atop a basketball rim which symbolized the raw connection between the brand and the hip-hop community. He even disclosed the fact that his jeans were worn by the Notorious BIG the night he was murdered. Karl Kani’s clothing symbolized an era of hip-hop prompting the producers of All Eyez On Me to have Kani oversee the wardrobe for the film.


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  • Some more Hip-Hop related history….. I'm lovin' and I'm diggin' it!

  • I wonder how come Karl kani could loose everything and you can't find no trace of his item to buy. this guy had almost the biggest brand in fashion of hiphop. so stupid . I mean how . foolish fool you have no excuse . you such a waste , how could you be on the street still when you getting 6mill orders. I mean you got a good credit to let banks come inn. you are idiot Karl very very idiot . bitch get off fool

  • the advertising alone…..priceless.

  • "biggie said my name in his song"
    "what, which song"
    fuck Vlad, I thought u knew hip hop

  • So nobody's gonna ask why this BITCH vlad is posting this shit now🤔 ol pandering vaulting ass WHORE 🖕🏾

  • from this point on i wesr only

  • from this point on i only buy from black owned or black managed stores or you better have a black employee no more spending with people who dont respect me or my people

  • Dam Vlad you greedy bro you probably do wear free nikes like that fuck bro

  • He looks sick to Me! Not trying to be Funny either.

  • shit Nike just had a crazy deal with Amazon && Nike's stocks are up 5% that's..huge

  • I remember Tupac wearing kani brand boxers ! True hip hop symbolism

  • conart is the first street brand

  • This nigga got real serious when he spoke about Big dying in his jeans

  • I remember rocking Karl Kani heavy in high school in the early 90s. I had the boots and all. Tupac,Big and all the rappers had those clothes. The 90s were good. Phat Farm,Cross Colours,The Black College sweaters and fitted hats man Karl bring that shit back I'm tired of the tight ass ballclutcher jeans.

  • I'd persuade 2pac to change his sexuality if he was still living so i can suck on that bald head and put cream on his ass lick it real good

  • This nigga is lying!!!!!!!! He a snake!!!!! This is what Pac said in the unedited Kevin Powell interview in 95

    "So you’re saying everyone from your past is cut off?

    Except Treach, [designer] April Walker, a few people. The ones that stay true to me now. And if they my friends, then please don’t let them get upset. If they my friends, stay my friends. But like Karl Kani, I did a whole photo shoot for him, I didn’t ask for no money. I said, 'Karl, all I want is the clothes. When you get the clothes, send them to me.' He didn’t send me shit. He sent me shit from three seasons ago. I had to go to the store and buy them, you know what I’m saying?"

  • Gotta bring this back!!!!!

  • 11:47 Why this nigga saying that like it's some groundbreaking discovery lmao

  • big up to 2pac and Karl kani

  • Karl is so hot. The way he talks, explains business and gives his opinion. Love him. S/o from Europe

  • Vladtv 💯

  • i want topac back

  • I want Karl Kani clothing

  • Theres about 8 shit t shirts on the site n thats it…..or am i missing something

  • vlad I ain't mad at cha no more u just put a nigga on to some real shit my nigga

  • I met this Guy in a Jamba Juice in L.A. I had his shirt on.. I had this Shirt for Years! Still fresh to wear.. and he signed it.. wow this is one of my Old Joints.. hahaha cool dude!

  • he looks like Nokio from dru hill

  • Tupac is the realest ever.

  • I love Black people Period

  • I used to have the coldest Karl Kani polo when I was a kid. I tried looking for stuff like pac had a few years ago but its hard to find if not impossible. put that shit back on the market because I got your money nigga!

  • Nice interview with handsome Karl Kani

  • Dude looks smoked out, smh

  • I've been trying to find Karl Kani clothing now do I find it?

  • Karl Kani Made History Wit Pac N Biggie Dat's Crazy Yo!!!

  • Imagine He Came Out Wit Karl Kandi 4 Da Ladies lol Ah Man

  • Great interview

  • Buying some Karl Kani right now

  • I had the dopest kani shirts bck in the day

  • Aww I forgot about Karl Kani damn