Karen Civil On Showing Her Sexy Side, Her Relationship Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma & More

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  • You stole from DipSet. Foh theif. Why we can't talk about that?

  • Nicki Minaj at 12:23

  • stfu fat ugly pig

  • Red + Blue make purple. Yall niggaz gonna respect the color spectrum.

  • RED + BLUE = GREEN ?!?!?!?!

  • Nah. Remy looked like she was gon drag her down the hallway. I doubt that was an edit.

  • She had to leave the east coast bc it was to much heat on her over here. she did all her grimey shit here then ran to the east coast once ahe scammed some money

  • envy: so explain to tha people whats an un kasa😂

  • lose the outro music.

  • in this day in age every chick has a burning desire to get thier thot on in front of the world lol i gotta salute those who either fight that urge or dont have it … similar to a guy who grows up in the hood and bypasses all the bs and doesnt become a product of that enviroment and excells beyond it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why so many dislikes? someone inform me

  • Q

  • who

  • y'all should have asked her about that 50k she owe Joyner Lucas

  • Question is why do black men hate black women so much?

  • Sexy side? where? I'm not even watching this. That chick is full of shit.

  • I like Karen. Keep grinding and rubbing shoulders with the greats!!

  • She has this cute little 80s gremlin-esk look about her.

  • respect to Karen for looking out for the youth. Respect Mama!

  • You gotta respect this woman and her grind ✊🏾🇭🇹


  • inspired.

  • Document'ary' NOT Documen'try'.

  • just peeped how she said blue and red together make green.. smh

  • J W

    She look like she will steal something from your house and help you look for it, she'll call the police and all.

  • She said red & blue = green ..? lol I hope she didn't mean that literally

  • she fucked over your boy joyner lucas !! charlamagne why you aint press her on that ?!?

  • what happened with her and pusha t

  • Omg I didn't realize Angela wasn't there

  • successful that's wassup stay motivated…

  • How is it she makin dough But her hair is suuuuper trash?!?

  • O look, the "Haitian" lady that voted for Killary Clinton

  • whats with all the "I dont trust her" "she look sneaky" comments? 😅

  • If you getting sick from being vegan you not doing it right.

  • she ugly af

  • Wow Nia k looks like her, if k keeps the same look this is how she will look when she gets her age. you're beautiful!