Kandi Burruss Congratulates Xscap3 For New Deal Without her

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  1. Why wouldn’t Kandi thank them? They’re still friends. But, it’s one thing I’m confused ab: I thought Kandi sold her rights to Xscape. Legally, she would have no ties to the group so they wouldn’t have to go through the process of changing their name to Xscap3. Idk 🤷🏿‍♀️ But, last night at The Trumpet Awards they were sounding really good w.o Kandi. Maybe they can really pull off this comeback.

  2. That simp is going to be begging for money in a minute if the baby is his…however if I was Travis, if the results com3 back and the baby is his, I would whoop Tyga's but all over LA.

  3. I agree with Charlemagne dont be reaching out to me when tragedy strikes and you don't speak to me any other time whether we get along or not. That's hella fake. It's like when people on Facebook send you happy birthday messages because it popped up, you don't even know my birthday if Facebook didnt tell you. Don't be reaching out now

  4. He’s reaching cause he would like to know if the baby is his? Y’all be so ready to tear people apart smh pray more and at that it was rumor with no confirmed sources, do better.

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