Julius Erving on who’s the GOAT: LeBron or Michael Jordan, weighs in on Lonzo Ball | UNDISPUTED

Julius Erving joined “Undisputed” to discuss who’s the real GOAT, how much lonzo Ball can help the Los Angeles Lakers and BIG3 Basketball.
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Julius Erving on who’s the GOAT: LeBron or Michael Jordan, weighs in on Lonzo Ball | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



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  1. Lebron will never be the Goat because MJ played and BEAT Legends!!! Lebron would get whooped and isnt even close to as clutch as MJ had to be!! Yes bron has stats but true basketball fans know wassup

  2. Shannon is too much of a Lebron fan, and Skip is too much of a Lebron hater. The truth is somewhere in-between. Lebron is probably in the top 3. That being said, I think Jordan gets too much credit for doing things that he's never done (walking on water, curing poverty,etc). Jordan was probably better than Lebron from my perspective, but the gap isn't large. One player in the argument I don't think gets enough respect is Karem (who had the most unstoppable shot). Those saying that Kobe was better than Lebron don't know basketball, as quite frankly the two aren't even close. If someone wants to say that Lebron is better than Jordan, I'll disagree.. but it isn't as preposterous as some people try to make it out to be.

  3. last time I checked mj played with the best SF of his era and one of the best hard nosed defenders of his era so I don't see how Michael is so untouchable he didn't win 1-5

  4. I respect everyone's opinion and view on this, it is a fun discussion (as long as it doesn't get insulting and disrespectful) . With all that said, I believe we are asking the wrong question. When we speak of GOAT, we have to look at the whole of NBA history For me, when we do that, the discussion moves to the dominant big men. The league was not always about small ball. In my top ten list the first 3 all have strong arguments for GOAT, probably 4 and 5 stand close behind and 6-10 are in a virtual pick em status. Here goes: 1-Wilt, 2-Russell, 3-Kareem, 4-Jordan, 5-LeBron, 6-Magic, 7-Bird, 8-Oscar, 9-Duncan, 10-West, 11-Baylor, 12-20??? is really hard. This is a little easier (not much, lol), if you do it by position…

  5. man u guys stop hating on Lbj. the man has done nonething but played the game the right way and no off court drama. not to mention the 42 millz on scholarship. yall keep buyin them jordans😂🏦

  6. Michael jordan because In most sports there are many altering views on who the greatest of all time is. In the NBA, it’s essentially unanimous. Michael Jordan is the GOAT. MJ accomplished nearly everything humanly possible in terms to stats, records and championships in the NBA. There is such a thing as coming in clutch in crunch time, but no player to the gold standard of Jordan. His 6 for 6 record in the NBA Finals is legendary! What makes it even more impressive is the fact he won the Finals MVP in all 6 of those appearances. Even against hall of famers such as John Stockton, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, and Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan always found a way to come up victorious. It’s also worth noting he had one of the most iconic seasons ever winning MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, the Scoring Title and an NBA Championship all in that same year. He was everything you asked for in a player and especially a competitor. If he hadn’t taken the time off to join the MLB, his records would be even more devastating as there are now.

  7. First of all, Air Jordan is not the greatest of all time. He is one of the best of the best, and so are the rest of basketball hall of famers. Lebron James will be a hall of famer, someday. Doc's presence is regal!!! He is a true gentleman and knows the game and how it's supposed to be played.

  8. I will turn on the tv for jordan to play any team. I wouldnt care to watch lebron in any given game. Michael is poetry in motion, wheather mj amazing vertical leap or unstoppable fadaway jumper or his deadly outside shooting. What does lebron have he cant shoot from more than 15 feet consistently. He cant even palm a ball😁😁

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