Julius Erving on who’s the GOAT: LeBron or Michael Jordan, weighs in on Lonzo Ball | UNDISPUTED

Julius Erving joined “Undisputed” to discuss who’s the real GOAT, how much lonzo Ball can help the Los Angeles Lakers and BIG3 Basketball.
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Julius Erving on who’s the GOAT: LeBron or Michael Jordan, weighs in on Lonzo Ball | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  • Who is the best player in NBA History?

  • I'm so glad we seeing more of Dr. J man. Dude was and is one of the coolest NBA players ever.

  • Lebron is still nowhere near Mj nor Kobe.

  • Is it just me or does dr. J blink way less than Sharpe who looks constipated and skip,who looks like he is ready to argue at any moment

  • James needs to develop a 20 foot post fade away like the top 5 greats….Jordan, Hakeem, Malone, Kobe, and ill throw Dirk in there….Dirk beat James and Wade at their best.

  • That's why I'm saying people be comparing MJ to Lebron when Lebron still playing wait for the man to retire and start comparing

  • Dr.j is Smart n has knowledge towards basketaball

  • U heard the doctor Jordan set the bar high



  • The doctor just said if Jordan played in this era he would average 40 wow goat 🐐

  • The Doctor. Julius Erving!

  • LeBron is the best player…but B. Russell is the GOAT.

  • SAYING JORDON 6-0 in finals like if Lebron was in West conference he win against East every year….

  • Lebron is a better OVERALL player..

  • Lebron the goat

  • first of all, dr j is a cool brother. second of all, the greatest player of all time is jordan.
    and third of all Shannon had a face of stone when the doctor spoke, especially about economics in the nba

  • Who else clicked on this video just because Dr. J was in it? He is one of the smartest and well spoken guy's out there.

  • Dr.Boring

  • LeBron is the GOAT. Jordan is very close second.

  • Dr J spitting truths

  • Lebron is phenomenal but not even better then Kobe…

  • Dr. J is in the GOAT conversation himself, He Dominated his Era and was the guy that young kids dreamed about being like. His athletic style of play and unique creative abilities challenged the perceived limits of what was thought to be possible at that time. Dr. J in his physical prime could hold his own with anyone on a basketball court, regardless of era, stats, or NBA titles. Dr. J is the Godfather of modern basketball.

  • MJ – 15 seasons
    Bron – 14

    Michael Jordan has:
    3 more rings
    3 more final mvps
    1 more DPOY
    1 more season MVP
    9 more scoring titles
    3 more steals leader
    3 more all defensive team selections
    4000 more points
    800 more steals
    Beat 20 50+ win teams (Lebron only defeated 10)

    Jordan NEVER averaged less than 40% Field Goal in the finals
    Lebron did it twice lol.
    Had the biggest margin of defeat in NBA finals history.
    Oh and i forgot.
    AND never allowed a game 7
    Lebron had much more help
    Jordan never had a teammate averaged more than 22 points in the finals…

    Kyrie averaged over 28 and DWade averaged more than 26
    MJ never ever had a finals meltdown like Lebron in 2011 against the Mavs
    MJ has more points in the playoffs in less games…
    Played in college while LeBron did not. So take away 2 years from lebron.

    All of this accomplished in 13 years. AND took a year off.
    Lebron is in his 14 still chasing the ghost that played in Chicago
    So how is the even close?

    people tryna say Lebron is better than Michael Jordan smh

  • 6:537:25 is what any knowledgeable fan knows. Why the MJ vs LBJ debate is laughable.

  • Skip be hating on iverson and any other black player

  • You Lebron fans are mad because Jordan set the bar too high.

  • He's royalty

  • Dr.J looking like he in a movie being played by Denzel Washington