“When you watch him, when you see all the training, it’s like they are doing all this new training and it looks really hard, and it looks intense, and it looks the type of training that will prepare you for 12 rounds…but in saying that, just maybe their team need to work on a few things…I’m not sure why he tires,” stated heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, who talked about his upcoming unification with fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Check it out!



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  1. How did Joseph Parker's team shit themselves in their last press conference? Don't mistake kindness for weakness? Anthony Joshua will be hit the canvas like he did against Vladimir Klitschko but this time he won't be getting up. K.O in the 10the round by Parker but I'm hoping for the 3rd round.

  2. Is Joe Parker now in #TeamAJ? Why all the interference, training tips, and skill management? That should be coming from third party like Povetkin/Price, Wilder/Ortiz, J. Baby Miller, experts, old goons, and concerned fans. Not from someone that's partaking. Check out Wilder/Ortiz, Eubank/Groves, Lucas/Whyte, GGG/Canelo, Usyk/Russian. Common! Get yourself prepared and concentrate. Lest I forget! Am #teamAJ.

  3. These dudes need to stfu and worry about their own training. Constantly worrying about what joshua does or what he has. it’s like they don’t have enough confidence

  4. Parker doing a lot of talking but the skirt wearing Samoan gonna know what a black Hebrew is all about. You going down baby no way does AJ lose to underachieving scumbags like Samoans LMAOOO

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