John McEnroe Says Serena Williams Would Be ‘Like No. 700’ Against Men | SportsNation | ESPN

The SportsNation crew discusses John McEnroe’s comments that Serena Williams would be “like No. 700” if she played against men.

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  • They don't realize John was being nice to say she would be 700, lol.

  • this is the biggest bullshit argument ever… Serena played a guy 260 in the world and got wooped 6-1.. There are guys in the top 700 who can have close matches with guys 2-300ish in the world… this is ridiculous that hes getting allthis flack for speaking facts.. In fact hes being nice by saying she would be 700 in the world.

  • these guys know nothing about tennis.

  • She and her sister did get beat by a 300th player in the 90s and lost. And by the way He didn't bring it up. The interviewer did. The dude sitting at the 3rd sit makes it sound like he just randomly said it.

  • I am a huge tennis fan. McEnroe is right. I have watched the no. 701 player in the world many many times (Dimitri Turnsnov) and he would DESTROY Serena. It's not sexist it's just a fact. We think her 120 mph serve is monstrous, which it is for a woman, but that's nothing for a man. This isn't a matter of sexism, it's facts. There are different physical capabilities between a man and a women just like there are with every other sport, that's just nature

  • if its a different sport then what McEnroe said is correct. he did say Serena was the greatest in the sport of women tennis and not in the sport of men's Tennis itself. that too only when he was pushed to do so by the reporter. McEnroe does not need be controversial, he already is famous being controversial, it you guys that are trying to get famous by bashing him.

  • at 2:10….. YES idiot…. it actually is a different ball. BUT it's great that you know everything clearly…. also SERENA ADMITTED IT IS A DIFFERENT SPORT…….
    such PR PC bullshit……. they conveniently clip out where she says why did you say FEMALE…. and he responds with whoa whoa if you wanna talk about that its a different conversation….. he then explains why he said FEMALE…. and he is right….. years ago Serena played a man ranked over 200… she lost 6-1 during breaks the man was smoking cigarettes and drinking beer….. Serena also gladly admitted that she wouldn't want to play men because she would embarrass herself on David Letterman… fucking pathetic.. people are pathetic

  • People are trying to twist what McEnroe said. If you listened to the entire interview where he made these comments, he acknowledged that Serena is the G.O.A.T. of women's tennis. He just wanted to point out that she would struggle if she played on the men's tour, which is 100% true. The men's game is much much faster than the women's. McEnroe was actually being kind by saying 700 because I'm pretty sure there are many more that can beat her. She and Venus actually played the 202 ranked player on the men's tour several years ago and both got absolutely crushed (Serena 6-1, Venus 6-2) and the guy was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes during the matches as well 😂.

  • If Men's and Women's tennis are different then why does the best female tennis player look like a man?

  • Jesus! Do these dumbasses get paid for this crap?!
    Also, Serena wouldn't even be close to 700th in men's tennis. Closer to 1000th, I'd say. And if tennis was made gender-neutral, i.e., combined (added up) men's and women's tournaments and prizes, she would end up closer to 2000th as a whole lot of men would go (full) pro due to the doubled money pool.

  • She serves the ball 120 mph…some men in that top 700 can't even do that…

  • horrible conversation

  • Lol dumb shitheads who know shit about tennis speaking complete and utter BS in fear of feminists. A tennis fan with half a brain would know Serena wouldn't hold a candle to the atp top 1000.
    Feminist scum all over the place, what has this world come to.

  • Why does Serena get a pass for being "juiced up" is the real question that everybody turns a blind eye…

  • What is the problem here? both sisters got smashed 6-2, 6-1 back to back by a fucking unknown who even admitted he took it easy on them, this is the same sort of nonsense like when idiots said Ronda Rousey could beat up Mayweather when the stupid bitch got smashed to pieces in like 50 seconds by another woman lol John is only telling the truth.

  • John McEnroe did nothing wrong… the reporter gave him a trap question… granted she wasn't a sports reporter.

  • Everyone is reading way way way too much into it.. because shit talking sells.. Why does it always have to be associated with Sex.. Race.. and appease those with the victim mentality. Politically correct garbage – to create fervor over nothing.

  • Come on you guys, get real, I love Sarena, but honestly she wouldn't even be at the top of the u18 junior boys divisions. Many high level male club players would beat her handily. McEnroe was being super generous in his estimation of a 700 ranking. She has challenged a 250th ranked player in the past on the mens tour and was beaten like she stole something, barely managing to win a game.

    Also take into account men play 5 sets and not 3 like the women and it makes it even worse. Factor in that the men play with a heavier ball and that 700 level ranking is looking more and more like a fantasy. If you guys have seen top junior u18 players play then you'll know that she would be hard pressed to beat the top juniors, let alone almost anyone on the mens tour.

    Stop trying to cowtow to the feminists and politically correct establishment and just call it like it is. Yes, she is a fantastic female tennis player and is by far the most accomplished….but she is not the best player in the world and would get absolutely dominated by pretty much anyone on the mens tour.

  • Good job, ESPN. Ignore the part where McEnroe was FORCED by the interviewer to talk about gender and Serena specifically, and make it about a "fragile male ego". You guys have really become a shitty network.

  • Serena said herself that she couldn't beat a professional male… who I think was ranked about 200 in the world. She said it on David Letterman about 2 years ago. Look it up.

  • this is why trump won! mcenroe is right, human biology is a thing ya cucks!!!!!!!!

  • Womens tennis and mens tennis is not the same game….like the NFL and the NBA is not the same game.  WTF?!  It is the same game.  What a dink!

  • They do use a different all actually but ok

  • A lot of people are uncomfortable saying that Serena is the best person at tennis in the world… because she isn't. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic would beat her 10 times out of 10 and 99 times out of 100. She should beat Nadal on clay and then tell us she's the best player in the world. Win 3 out of 4 majors a year in best of 5 sets against men and then tell us she's the best. Hell, at least face 1-2 rivals who have won double digit slams like Federer has faced throughout his career, and then tell us you're the best player in the world. Weaker competition and shorter matches does not make you the equal, much less the better, of men.

  • Serena couldn't win a set against a top NCAA Division I male play, let alone Top 700+ ATP men tour player. Serena and Venus have ALREADY/PREVIOUSLY lost a set apiece to a Top ATP #300+; 6-0 and 6-1. This argument is total nonsense. Finally, listen to the full NPR interview with John and you will understand why John responded to a specific question with his comments.

  • he wants Serena to make big money, but Serena does not need him for publicity or marketing. whenever there is a professional black person in any field or level, there is always someone trying to take them down and make them feel less than or they didn't earn it!

  • women are soft and pink and nurturing For The family and the men are to provide and protect. all these broken and dysfunctional families have been trying to sell or purchase, non two parent households and kids are exposrd to…

  • OMG HE DIDN'T FUCKING MAKE THE COMPARISON! He responded to a fucking question, someone who started the comparison. He answered an question honestly…what a bunch of fucking hacks.

  • YaAa Serena awesome response! these talking heads are having diarrhea of the mouth

  • WTF 700 is way to high😎

  • Hahahah! Liberal TV is retarded. This panel is ultra dumb.

  • just two facts: female tennis players do use a different (lighter) ball, and they never play more than 3 sets, where as men play 5 in major tournaments and in finals. Pannel should research tennis a bit more

  • This panel are Cuck Fags. McEnroe has lived tennis all is fucking life and knows what he is talking about!! That fag hole in the pink shirt said Mac was puffing out his chest because he is not great anymore etc. Asshole that dumb chick NPR asked him a questioned that he answered truthfully. !!!!!!!! Fucking fagots that lot of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeez, I just can't understand why ESPN is fucking tanking …

  • Stop pushing your pc bullshit, can she beat the best player in the world at tennis no so wtf is the problem.

  • Marcellus is obviously clueless here: "it's not WNBA, different ball". It sure as hell is. Men use extra-felt, women use regular-felt. Also, y'all act as if he just outright brought up the comparison. It was the scumbag feminazi reporter who brought up the comparison, as feminazis usually do. Watch the interview and do some research before you act entitled and offended. Also what he said is 100% accurate.

  • LOL. Ive listened to many of the conversations on this topic, this is by far the worst.

  • That Asian guy thinks it's got something to do with men having a problem with the best tennis player ever being a woman?
    OMG, That Asian guy sleeps with monkey's and is a (small)man, you stupid leftwing retard,grow some balls you imbecile

  • what a stupid comment of that asian dude, if you are going to look at it that way we should never crown anyone anymore because nobody was born with the same body so every time athletes compete one has a advantage because of his physic