Joey Chestnut Hosts The 3rd Annual Hot97 Hot Dog Eating Contest!

JOEY CHESTNUT returns to Hot 97 for another year of Hot dog eating. Will Producer Griff hold on too his title from last year, or will this years contestants dethrone him.



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  • One of the most dumbest things ever but it's amazing how all the skinny people can eat the most lol

  • Hit the thumbs up if you would punch Ebro in the face if you meet him in person

  • Chestnut the 🐐🐐🐐

  • i hate wieners 🤢

    gimme da chili & bread

  • Joey Leftnut

  • matt stonie is going to win.

  • I don't like this Chestnut guy. Team Matt Stonie all the way.

  • srsly his name is chestnut and yall aint said shit yet?

  • No Deanii this year. SMH. fuck HOT 97

  • Leggo Matt Stonie!!!

  • my nigga Matt Stonie goin to win this year.

  • Matt Stonie a bitch boi

  • laura stylez or angela yee

  • Watching this fuck face eat is the most disgusting shit ever. His ugly ahhh. Matt stonie ftw!

  • You should have had Matt stonie on