Joe Dumars Discusses Warriors’ Dominance in NBA | First Take | June 23, 2017

Joe Dumars joins First Take to discuss the Golden State Warriors dominance in the NBA.

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  • I'm sorry this is the Joe Dumas who insist on picking Darko Milicic over Melo right?

  • Another old nigga who is gonna shit on the warriors I bet

  • This idiot still didn't answer the question…

  • It's because all the teams in the NBA try to play exactly like the Warriors.   That is the problem with the NBA today.   Also they aren't really playing basketball.  They are just shooting threes which is a gimmick and the NBA and all basketball leagues need to eliminate the three point line because it's not real basketball.   At least push it back about 5 feet.   That would be real basketball then.    No one wants to see two teams each shoot up 60 threes per game so that is 120 attempts per game.  No one wants to see that.

  • Bucks are coming , maybe not this year but in a couple of years if they go without injuries the league better look out.

  • Who was the anchor during this segment? That's definitely not Molly Qerim lol

  • bruh why does everyone act like the warriors are such a juggernaut franchise the Spurs been in the playoffs every year for 20 years 5 championships and been doing all this with talent that ppl overshadowed

  • basically GSW is going to repeat next year

  • "I don't care how good a defensive team you are, you aren't gonna shut the Warriors down". Exactly, so why do these old heads act and say they would? These old school teams wouldn't hang with the Dubs. We've never seen a team like this.

  • the fact that warriors acquired draymond+lebron+ben wallace= jordan bell

  • Fuck the NBA lol

  • If Pg13 go to the the TWolves with Jimmy that a team to look out for

  • new host is hot

  • Max has no idea what he's talking about NBA wise anymore.

  • I think the new host should replace Molly. First Take is watchable now.

  • is this guy from the islands??

  • Cleveland doesn't need more star power. They need a better and more consistent offensive system, better help defense and defensive IQ, and get rid of shump and dwill for 2 solid role players. Once they get a new coach who knows what he's doing they will beat the warriors

  • so the season is fucked for next year too lol

  • I agree with Max that Bucks team will be ready in about 2 years

  • The main reason why GSW are so good is because the rules are so soft today. If it was the old school rules I think there'd be more chance to get at GSW or in the Pistons case "hurt them".

  • who is the lady replacing molly?

  • this is the guy who passed on Carmelo Anthony in the 2003 draft, behind LeBron James….. he's no better than Phil Jackson

  • Simple just hack a Warriors. I know you'll lose and such but every team in the NBA should just go dirty and knock them around. Since they'll be shooting well might as well go at it and wear them down by psychically beating them down.

  • GSW 💛💛💛💛💙💛💛💙💙🏀🏀🏀💍💍🏆🏆🐐🐐 LETS GO

  • you can't out score them and you can't stop them so you need to slow them down enough to get ahead by a few points and keep it like that throughout the game

  • Spurs is the joe!

  • Joe Dumars sound like Jessie Jackson. lol

  • Honestly the only move I see having potential to beat them would be kawhi to cleveland but thats never gonna happen

  • That question was scripted….SAS. you and ESPN producers…we don't believe ..You need more People '

  • Guys.. Cavs in 8.

  • So basically the Bucks.

  • Pail isn't joining the Cavs stop it.