Joe Dumars Claims It Is A ‘Mistake’ For Teams To Try To Mirror Warriors | First Take | June 23, 2017

Joe Dumars joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take and claims that it is a mistake for teams to try to mirror the Golden State Warriors’ style.

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  1. That's bullshit. The numbers have been crunched "floor spread" is one of the two optimal ways to play. Show me a team that can put TWO offensive rebounding low post scorers on the floor at one time: THEY don't need to emulate GSW, everybody else should be taking notes!

  2. the best solution is to create your own exploits. The 04 pistons vs lakers finals would be the best example of contrary styles. the warriors are a product of the SOFT ERA*. The lakers should 1. Not go after LeBron 2. Adopt a cutthroat mentality.

  3. The thing is, the Warriors are the best team suited for the new rules. These old school guys look at the game with the old rules, you can't put your Center down low these days, you can't put a bigger defender on the small guys because they can push and get away with more, you can't stay leave anyone alone from 3 cause everyone can shoot it, you can't post up against the Warriors because the refs can't see and don't call those arm slapping fouls they give to knock the ball loose, refs didn't call a carry back then but nowadays the rule is almost nonexistent. The only team I see winning against the Warriors is Cleveland if they make LeBron go quick in the post and he actually gets the calls and Kyrie isolates curry only, not Thompson or iggy or taller guys. Also Kevin Love dominates the boards. Any other team in the League is either too slow, too old, too young or too newly put together and they lack chemistry. The warriors can 4peat if they don't fuck it up themselves. Also remember that they dominated that much because of injuries, every team needs to play them at 100%.

  4. Teams shouldn't copy GSW, they should emulate their principles of fielding an athletic, versatile team that plays in a motion offense and works together on defense.

  5. Its funny how teams hate the warriors "they shoot to much threes" but their fav team trying to emulate them nd they saying nothing ….cavs were a iso version of warriors without defense even shot more threes than them

  6. Golden state did what every dynasty team does. 1. Build through the draft to get at least 2 superstars or once in a generation players (Draft is more important than anything else) 2. Make smart and effective trades that work best with the pieces around you 3. Work on team chemistry by bringing in coaching that complements the players talents and lets everyone shine 4. Focus on defense and offense. A lot of teams (ie. The rockets) have forgotten about defense and it's importance to the warriors success 5. Make a free agency splash for a big name that fits once you've developed your core 6. Do your own unique style. Every team can't be the warriors because they don't have the type of shooters. Find what works best for you and work towards your strength while finding ways to mask your weaknesses. 7. Have smart and effective management.

  7. For all those mocking him for picking milic need to chill, he also constructed a team that defeated a "Dream team" Lakers 4-1 and dominated the east for years. The positives outweigh the negatives.

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