Joe Dumars Claims It Is A ‘Mistake’ For Teams To Try To Mirror Warriors | First Take | June 23, 2017

Joe Dumars joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take and claims that it is a mistake for teams to try to mirror the Golden State Warriors’ style.

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  • Laimbeer giving Larry Bird the Rock Bottom at 4:01 in some of those old Highlights was hilarious.

  • I respect Joe and the 04 team really made me love bball. It just seems like a lot of the success came so early, then it hit a point where things didnt work. Drafts, signings (webber, AI, Tmac) (I think those were all Joe?)

  • who's the girl?

  • Says the guy who drafted Darko over Melo 😂😂😂😂

  • Speaking of Pistons we need to rebuild

  • M G

    The only man that put fear in Michael Jordan

  • Good question SAD, same reason Mark Jackson not getting a call TO be a coach. Joe Dumars is right about how teams should select it's players. San Antonio Spurs showed that with Kawhi being injury injury. A healthy Spurs team would have beaten GSW.

  • rockets are copy cats

  • I hate old head basketball players

  • The closest team similar to Warriors are Blazers. They have the backcourt and the versatile defenders. They recently just acquired their Draymond in Jusuf Nurkic. They just need their KD.

  • Look at the PELICANS general manager :))

  • You don't have to play like gsw to beat them you simply have to be able to get stops and then be able to score on the other end and not necessarily 3's but just score consistently well. Memphis had the best defense and they were the team that beat gsw the most this past season.

  • man Joe had one my favourite assist of all time when he passed it behind the back really quick WITH SPIN to a guy running to the basket on a fast break maaaan….the ball landed right in his lap it was awesome

  • Monk is the steal of the draft for sure

  • dumars for president

  • I think teams need to go big kill gsw small ball. But there is only a handful of elite big men in todays game.

  • He passed on Melo and drafted Darko! SMH

    No disrespect! NBA champion as an exec and a player! but…

  • He is wright but it's a mistake to take milicic as well lol

  • take a shot every time Joe Dumas says "ahh" or "umm"

  • his mid range jumpers, this guy can shoot

  • that's like saying when you pick a team to represent USA in the olympics you shouldn't put any allstars in the team?. A nba team with 4 allstars in it is going to beat an nba team with 3 or 2 allstars in it.

  • max is great fit on first take

  • this guy is a dumars

  • They tried hard to get dumars to blame not getting additional gm looks on race

  • Joe dumass

  • What does Joe know he pick darko over melo in 03

  • Joe is a class act

  • Pretty soon you'll be able to roll Dumars around.

  • I've been saying for the last three years, Joe needs to be back in the GM seat preferably for my Knicks.

  • Worst GM

  • more proof that Max is a idiot you can't win with all choir boys you need to have teamates that has a bit of personality disorder that doesn't take care what they do to win Rasheed Oakley Rodman they would fight there teammates if they had to that's why Kobe would tell Dwight Howard he was soft you seen how Draymond Green step up to KD yelling at him Max don't know anything about sports they need to fire him fast

  • Joe Dumars was the only guy that could guard MJ!

  • Why listen to joe dumars? lol he ran the pistons in the dirt…

  • Who is trying to copy golden state?

  • It's gonna be funny cause
    Dennis smith jr and de Aron fox is going to be better then markelle and lonzo

  • why is this nigha giving advice!? 😒

  • I mean they are the team to beat. If we not talking GSW we talking about Lebron. & you can't copy Lebron 😂😂😂😂

  • Boston and spurs are the only teams that could compete with GSW with the addition of 2 or 3 more players 1 star 2 at the most role players

  • I think Dumas is right. Be the best team you can be. If you have big players that can't shoot, beat the down the warriors into foul trouble. If you have shooters, don't try to outshoot the Warriors, try to fatigue them.
    Great bit about hiring people that are the best FIT, rather than a person that has a good resume. That probably goes very well off the court as well.

  • Massive Respect.

  • Go JOE GREATNESS a bad boy for life….

  • Joe dumbass

  • You draft Darko you get the embargo..Joe

  • I'm from Detroit. im not listening to Joe Dumars… Especially about DRAFTING 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yo, what are teams supposed to do? They got infected by a snake.

  • Every Pistons in the Bad Boys era ended up broke later in life… #karma

  • Spurs and Pop system is still the team to immitate and copy…Warriors have lots of Spurs on them too

  • Reason why LeBron won't beat them. Stop getting shooters who don't defend and your bigger than the warriors take them on them blocks.