Joe Budden Reveals What Happened Before And After That Migos Interview

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  • But joe did have the same energy??? He fuckin wrapped up the interview, dropped the mic and walked off. Charlamagne hating hard on everyday struggle. He keeps jabbing at them cus breakfast club falling off fast and everyday struggle taking over

  • Where was Charlamagne's energy when Fredro Star ran up on his ass?!


  • When Migos stood up on Joe I thought they were about 2 service his ass sum pancakes..lmao..looking like Dave Chappell's crew when they did shirts vs blouses


  • Joe take an L for tryna interview them niggas. You should know damn well by now that Migos give dusty ass interviews.

  • man edit that shit

  • CTG didn't even watch the whole interview so he's confused.

  • did charla lame have the same energy when birdman pulled up on him lol

  • Charlamagne is a hater, how is walking away and a mic drop not the same energy?

  • We hear the bitterness in your voice Ctg

  • nigga charle dead was clapping like a broad 😂😂😂 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂😂

  • charlamagne sound real salty and a bit jealous in this clip.

  • umm yeah I don't think Joe is fuckin wit this nigga again lmao how u Gon say that's my guy and call him lame right after Smh fake ass nigga

  • for the record Joe didn't edit shit, Complex edited out and he got outvoted by his co hosts having Migos on

  • Charlalame……. Sound jealous brunchclub ant poppin like ak and Joe show

  • Damn I never thought I'd see the day Charlemagne falls off so hard with shit like damn why you got to be so salty? Times change

  • Joe Burden is ten times better than skin bleaching lip smacking girly man Charlemagne!

  • complex edited it out not Joe Budden..😒😒

  • they hating on Everyday Struggle

  • Sounds like he's jealous of Joe lol maybe those Breakfast Club views are going down and Everyday Struggle is on FIRE🔥🔥🔥

  • Charlamege right, Joe dropped the mic & left & when they asked him what's up he said nothing. But then he gets on his podcast saying he could beat all 3 of them. Plus they edited out the part where Joes was getting pressed

  • Button is entertaining, but he's a cranky old man

  • How y'all corny niggas talking about CTG is a hater? He definitely didn't have the same energy. He said he could take them but when they stood up and said "wassup" he said "nothing" foh

  • I don't know one song by migos. Wack ass shit