Joe Budden Reveals What Happened Before And After That Migos Interview

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  1. He says he's never seen a good migos interview, so you're just gonna act like a lil hoe over that? I've seen Migos have a dope interview with Tim Westwood and Sway before.

  2. C.god right tbh joe didnt say anything to migos. He dropped the mic and walked off the set THEN later talked shit on another interview. Like thats just the facts

  3. Where was your energy charla when those goons smacked you . Oh yeah you used it when you ran . Anytime someone checks you in person you give up that I'm just the radio guy look 👀

  4. Bruh, I would have edited the video too. If you listen to the story, "P" approaches Joe that morning asking him not to speak on Yachty anymore. Joe doesn't want to talk about Yachty anyway so no problem. The interaction was amicable. They even shook hands. Then later when the cameras are rolling "P" tries to flex on Joe in front of everyone, lol. Like… where was that energy when we were off camera this morning. "P" was clearly reaching for attention, so yeah, edit that nigga out. Why would Joe give him his little shine on his own show?

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