Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong

A controversial decision came from a court in Kern County, California that ruled in favor of a bakery that refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding because the owner said it would violate her Christian faith. This isn’t the first instance of a bakery refusing to make a cake for a same sex wedding, there’s a case right now in the Supreme Court, but the judge’s ruling in this particular case is interesting. He says the bakery would have violated the law if it refused to sell the gay couple a cake that was already baked, but that they can’t be forced to bake one. So Jimmy uses a common restaurant dining experience to explain why this isn’t right.

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Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong



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  1. No Shoes, No Service, No Shirt No Service…..No lights on during sex, no service, No God in your marriage, no service….

    I'm sure there is a God out there who believes in marriage of same sex….just not God's of earth…

  2. As much as I hate these "disqualifications" you cant force someone do something they dont want to, last I checked that wasnt right to do. I do not wanna offend anyone but if you go to a store or something and they arent okay with what you are, you should just leave, they loose a customer, you avoid getting nervous

  3. I think people here should read the 13th Amendment and the 14th Amendment again.
    The whole civil rights industry has to end
    Or the laws which allow for selective indentured servitude have to be equally enforced (no favoritism). That means homosexuals with a business will have to serve conversion therapy sessions, for example. No objections because bigoted homosexuals are the worst

  4. Religious people believes in a magic man in the sky, doesn't that say enough? How can you even begin to understand how they think? It's totally beyond comprehension.

  5. Not to be that guy, because I'm not conservative, but I have to wonder if this goes both ways. Many of you, and possibly even Jimmy himself, preach that these businesses should serve anyone, but I wonder what your thoughts would be if a business denied service to somebody like Trump, Bannon, Pence, Paul Ryan, Milo Yiannopoulos, etc. I don't like any of those people for the record, but I have a hard time believing that Jimmy would advocate for businesses having to serve them the way he wishes they serve lesbians or whomever.

  6. All restaurants , businesses , everyone has a right to refuse service to anyone!!!!!!! Your being so dumb!!!!!!!! Why does everyone make Christians violate their own rights. You guys just want all Christians to have no rights so dumb!!!!

  7. This is ridiculous. I have Sikh friends and I never bring beef to our BBQ's despite the fact I enjoy it because I know it's against their religion. What's wrong with being respectful towards people?

  8. Bruh you can't go along picking and choosing who you serve, and if you can't handle serving people in a place where you are supposed to serve them, then don't have a business to serve people and go find some other profession.

  9. Lol once again the athest liberals are completly ignroant on this subject. Skin color is not a choice you sexual relations are and Christians can't so anything that is an endorsement of sin.

  10. Everyone knows it is wrong. The idea is to let these businesses deny business based of color, creed, religion, or sexual origin. So then people know where not to take their business and then we can flex our consumerism. Put them out of business.

  11. I'm an atheist and I think the judge made the correct ruling. I'd rather have religious sectarianism be challenged by a debate of ideas instead of more regulation.

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