Jimmy Butler Trade Gives Chicago Bulls Direction | 2017 NBA Draft | ESPN

Tom Penn breaks down the trade between Minnesota and Chicago and shows what the Bulls’ roster looks like with Jimmy Butler gone.

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  • Lowkey bulls fans need to chill last year same ones who said bulls would suck without rose and adding rondo,wade, etc but we mf made the playoffs so yalll just need to chill tf out we still a decent team

  • Chicago just fuck it and went full retard mode with this tried. Idek what they thinking because that roster is ass

  • fam… LaVine with Rondo and D Wade would be a problem, idk what this mf is talking about.

  • First d rose and now Jimmy Butler

    The bulls hate superstars

  • Shouldn't have given up Lavine. We should have given up Wiggins. Lavine showed way more potential over a period of 2 seasons than Wiggins has over a period of 3.

  • Oh Chicago….

  • These Timberwolves fans got KARL,BUTLER, and WIGGENS. While the bulls got Dunn,lavine, and dwayne. Look if you want to rebuild do like the spurs dont just trade all your valuable assets to niggas bruh like do y'all even care about how these niggas wanna play in there home town?

  • Wtf bulls !!!!

  • maybe this going to work out another rebuilding for Chicago bulls oh… my… oh… my… my red bull is going to rebuilding again…

  • my brother said oh this trade is going maybe we can make the champions with jimmy we will only make the playoffs. I was like who is even that guy those players combined couldn't even make up for Jimmy how would u think they can beat the cavs, only Jimmy could do it. first Derrick rose then Jimmy Butler. come back Tom. Fred is on something else. I didnt even want our old coach to go. but now he has Jimmy on his Minnesota team. is Chicago thinking. I was planing to go to a game in the future but not anymore. I don't want to watch clueless players that we have never been here to be treated the same as the iconic Jimmy and rose. by the time comes Wade will leave. bulls: our dream is to make the finals: one year later let's just trade our best player for two people who combined are not as good as him, for sure will will get it. one year later, me: how's that working for ya. smh

  • I know we got Butler, but am I the only one upset that Twolves had to get rid of zach Lavine 😭

  • Timberwolves are going to the playoffs this year

  • Bulls better tank and get Michael Porter Jr.

  • Everyone is overeacting chicago is going to be fine

  • Is it just me or are these teams rebuilding from the ground up?

  • Bulls fans on suicide watch! #BeenTrashSinceMJLeft! LOL!

  • yo zach lavine is going to be a star with the bulls,whatch


  • All you cry babies STFU you wanted change an got it.Next couple years we will stink but we will be BK..Fuckn bitches for real you cry but still go to the games…. dumbass fans

  • Illinois is Broke and Jerry still wants the money. Greedy ass Owner and incompetent puppet GM.

  • Fucking Hoiberg just went to get himself some boys to play with, cause he couldn't get the men to respect his little pathetic ass… Hoiberg is new Phil Jackson. No rings, all the senile selfish bs

  • why not we already know warriors and cavs are going to the finals again… Chicago smart keep the money don't spend it when is a league of 2 teams

  • Coming from a bulls fan. this hurts man… #Loss

  • NOW
    do a COMPLETE rebuild!!

  • somebody please shoot paxton