Jimmy Butler Gives Out Phone Number At Debut Press Conference With Timberwolves | The Jump | ESPN

The Jump reacts to Jimmy Butler giving his phone number out at his debut press conference with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  • Jimmy a damn fool lol 😂😂😂

    I'm hyped for Minnesota this upcoming season. Y'all better treat our boy right.

  • "Just add to contacts…."

  • what's up with Evey star player on damn near ever team trying to move this new nba is weird so all the best players gone get together and beat all the youngsters and not as good players

  • Minnesota T-wolve making the playoffs and clippers not that funny

  • Chicago BARELY made it to the playoffs IN THE EAST last season and that was WITH Jimmy Butler. If he was planning on making the playoffs this year, moving West will not cut it.

  • she said Minneapolis

  • Who else called Jimmy Butler

  • Bring that the nba oy has 3 or 4 teams that are gonna win next year the wolves suns and bucks are all teams that are on there way up. I'm actually excited about these teams even tho the league is boring due to the same teams winning

  • Jimmy didn't like the coaching staff, and probably for good reason. There's not a credible professional NBA coaching staff in Chicago, and a general lack of accountability. Reinsdorf seems to be asleep at the switch, and has left the organization to be run by GarPax. The Bulls were much too conservative during their competitive years, and their moves, from signing Carlos Boozer, Rip Hamilton and Mike Dunleavy, always came up just a bit short. Now, if Derrick Rose continued his youngest MVP ever trajectory AND Jimmy Butler became the player he is- who knows? but now, back to square one

  • As a Bulls fan, I'm going to miss Jimmy Butler 🙁

    And wtf, Minnesota hasn't made it to the playoffs since KG's MVP year in the league, that was 2004! 😐

  • How sad that people actually try phone his number. You're all pathetic.

  • Anyone got Kwame Browns number?

  • waaah he lives in fort worth???

  • antione walker is a broke ass bitch

  • He frickin hung up on me a bunch of times, deleting it. Don't care frick it

  • He changed it cause I just called and it said it's disconnected

  • Of course Jimmy a real Nigga, he from Houston 🤘🏽

  • LOL I thought it was clickbait this savage

  • Dam that number is a fake

  • i think he is just a fanboi of Thibbs but yah that's a good acquisition for sure, definitely that freshens things up a bit there

  • it ringed it fucking ringed omg

  • Pippen's deep voice tho..

  • He changed that number

  • i absolutely love rachel 😍

  • Sign mike Conley

  • Who are these clowns….and how many damn sports shows are there. My goodness…first take…flush the toilet….Jamele hill and the other dude with The glasses acting like some English Shakespeare professor…flush the toilet….then this show with Rachel Nicols…really how much sports should we damn debate…let out a stinky fart and flushed the toilet. Bam

  • I called that nigga ten times he didn't answer the first time I thought he answer ⚠️

  • It's out of service

  • Jimmy is a star

  • Antoine Walker wasn't exactly a great teammate.

  • Jimmy butler got a double hairline

  • Epicccccc

  • He's my new contact lol

  • i see Jordan in this guy

  • Fuck Antoine Walker and fuck the fat fuck beside Pip. That fat fuck still has lebron's dried-up cum on his second chin

  • Leak Dwayne Wade number: 647 609 4488

  • its not fake believe what you believe nobody cares because its real like so more people can see

  • 773

  • 899

  • Fuck the Bulls

  • His new number is 949-422-6521

  • It isn't jimmy butler it's a random girl

  • i was happy asf till i tried to. call him

  • Fuck jimmy butler

  • he changed it obviously

  • Remember when Big Sean did this