Jimmy Butler A Good Fit For Timberwolves | 2017 NBA Draft | ESPN

Jalen Rose, Michael Wilbon and Jay Bilas react to the proposed trade that would send Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves and explain how Butler would be a good fit for the team.

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  • Boston should've traded for him

  • Timberwolves turned on trade override

  • Ive been a dedicated Minnesota Fan since 2004 way before I became a consistent basketball fan

    When we got Wiggins I was happy asf
    When we got KAT I was Ecstatic
    Now we got jimmy G

    Them boys are a threat in the west if everything goes right

  • Good trade for Minnesota don't know how them players will impact Bulls!

  • What a stupid move by Chicago! 😂
    Now the Timberwolves officially have a real 'Big Three'!

    Karl-Anthony Towns
    Andrew Wiggins
    Jimmy Butler

    And do you remember how Ricky Rubio played the second half of this season?
    If he can keep that up and step up his game, the Timberwolves really could be a playoff contender! Ricky Rubio played amazing the second half of this last season…… He just needs to set his big three up with dime after dime, and then when everybody is focused on guarding those guys, take it to the hoop and lay it in or knock down the three!

    But losing Zach Lavine hurts, because he is an extraordinary young player who is a dunk-king and a three-point sharpshooter!

    I would love to see all three of these guys make the All-Star game this coming season!

  • In the end it's all KDs fault. All the teams need to just rebuild or make super teams to even compete, and the bulls just don't have the cap for a super team.

  • if twolves can pick up a guard like jeff teague or ty lawson that can shoot well enough to space the floor but still distribute well they will be the challengers to the warriors in 2-3 years whenever the warriors start getting tired and split up wiggins continues to develop (already a good defender) butler being the vet setting the tone for defense, KAT doing KAT like things, could be big time

  • Now bring rose to minnesota and that would be awsome

  • Jimmy Jordan transformed into Jimmy Garnett.

  • rip in one of the WORST TEAMS

  • Now Lebron eastern path is even easier

  • Philadelphia and Minnesota are going to have some good battles

  • John Paxton ; I hope your wife leave you for a 27 yr old" fuckin jerk

  • Why is the West always stronger than the East?

  • SHITCAGO fans on suicide watch! No more MJ, Pippen, Rose, Butler, Wade. Lmfao!!!!

  • Ricky rubio jimmy butler andrew wiggins dieng and towns.Yeah i beilive timberwolves will go good this season ( Lakers Fan Here)

  • Fuck the Bulls management!!

  • They need to go ahead and move Wiggins and Rubio.

    Dame and Vonleh?

    Barnes and Seth and a 1st round?


    Aldridge and Dejounte?

  • fuck whoever decided to trade jimmy, jimmy was a original for the Bulls. calling it now Bulls are not reaching the play offs next season

  • Timberwolves 5th seed next year

  • Where the Wolfpack at

  • https://youtu.be/-lfRLglk9jU this man has some good points

  • Idiots don't know this is a great move for both teams because the bulls are in rebuild mode and they want butler to compete for a playoff spot so they send him to the west with his former coach good move on their behalf and respectful to butler !!! the T wolves are not done they are still trying to create more cap space to bring in free agents . so butler is just one more piece in a championship team THIBBS is trying to build… it takes time though give the T wolves about 3 years and they will be a dominant team in the west for sure ….. KAT is a top 5 center and wiggins is still growing if butler stays long term and they get a legitmate PG in free agency they can attract some more pieces next year some defensive role players who can shoot then they will be able to compete with the warriors and cavs THEY NEED ABOUT 3 MORE PIECES to create a championship team