Jhene Aiko Denies She Cheated On Ex-Boyfriend With Big Sean

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  1. i seen the evils of the world and decided i was gonna do music to get out. Then i decided i would use my music to promote the very lifestyle that scared me into doing music and exploit poor black men for my own profit.

  2. So Jhené Aiko was on bad terms with a dude she was dating before she eventually met her husband. He apparently had a wife and kids that he didn’t tell her about. She tells dude she was gonna go to a Basketball game with Big Sean (who’s just a friend) cuz she never been courtside at a basketball game (bird behavior.) She later dates another guy that eventually becomes her husband. She still has a “professional” relationship with Sean all while married to dude and when he catches wind of rumors that her cheeks getting plugged, she doubles down and makes an album with Sean about a fictional couple going through ups and downs and cheating on each other. All the while still claiming her and her husband good and she not kicking it with Sean……ok..🤔😑😂

  3. Ctg u has to show up at birdman interview… he got the courage to come see u, u should hold that regard too…

    U been allowed to talk about him unfiltered so its only fair to hear him out…

  4. These type of Bitches aint shit! If you in a committed relationship you work that shit out, dont just jump when shit gets rocky. & if you’re still married then get a divorce before you start hookin up wit other dudes

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