Jerrika Hinton: Any Conversation About Pay Disparities is Worthwhile



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  1. The wage gap is virtually non-existent. There was a huge study just released by Uber regarding it and they found that even when all controlled factors were even, men earned 7% more, not because of sexism but because of the personal choices they made vs the choices women made. I wish that feminists would let this myth die.

  2. Why don’t we focus on the salary gap of men and woman instead of always talking about the wage gap. The 77 cents to a dollar is not about any given job. It woman on average. Meaning we have to look at other factors like do woman go into lower paying jobs ext. I wish the real would focus on encouraging woman to go into more higher paying jobs (like tech, science, ext) rather than painting this incorrect idea that woman get paid less in the same exact job.

  3. There is no wage gap. The reason why "women get 77 cents to the dollar a man makes" is because on AVERAGE women have lower paying jobs, have more part time work, take more unpaid time off for maternity, etc. Women do NOT receive lower pay for the same job with the same qualifications. That's simply not true.

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