“It’s psychology and science…he’s a fierce competitor…everybody thinks Manny will beat Jeff with experience…it’s just two warriors out there…four fists…that’s what it’s going to come down to,” stated Glenn Rushton, trainer of welterweight contender Jeff Horn, who talked about their upcoming showdown with 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Check it out!


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  • It's been a great year for boxing… But this fight is garbage. Is he just holding the belt hostage? What's the point in this fight?

  • Horn getting washed. Pac needs to hand that belt over to Crawford real quick

  • Damn!!! = are all trainers completely delusional these days?! You can hype-up your fighter but to say he's going to do better than Mayweather screams out that you aren't prepared for this fight after having TONS of time to get ready!! This guy probably needs to start looking for another job after this fight! #wow #sheesh

  • Is he Tim Lane's brother?

  • Honestly?there will be no story

  • Let's go Jeff Horn! He's got this, he can easily KO him. 🙄😒.

  • We've been clamoring for this fight for ages.


  • Pac better annihilate this Aussie!

  • His mandatory

  • Good luck with that

  • i hope jeff doesnt take vitamins like floyd and run all 12 rounds

  • Jeff who????? Never heard of him……..

  • Floyd HELD hostage the welterweight titles after the Pacquiao fight, instead he chose BERTO not THURMAN!! Thurman was his MANDATORY during that time !!!

  • Manny will say this after the horn fight Spence Crawford n thurman your all NXT lol

  • Tune up fight!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Any fight would be better then the circus big mouth conor vs runing mayweather.

  • Tim Lane 2.0

  • No

  • Still waiting for Floyd to fight Spence, easy to make fight but Floyd still having nightmares of those panda eyes #lmap

  • As soon as Jeff horn feels pacquiaos punch he will start running. All them welterweights didn't want none of pacquiao not even mayweathe

  • pac in 5.

  • For some reason I think Jeff Horn is going to knock Manny the fuck out.. Jeff has real confidence and he believes in his skills & that's all it takes to win a fight..

  • anything is big if you compared the fight to that gayweenerther hahaha dat dudes a trash hes HBO moneymaker dats how boxing work as long as mayweather is undefeated money is big in that company judges is trash whoever gayweather fight hes gonna win as long as he never knocked the fuck out by someone but how can u knock him out? niggers are build for running and stealing stuff and hide like a coward then talk like all big and great hahaha

  • What amazing bullshit…this is cynical…I dont know which fight is more BS…mayweathers or pacquiaos?

  • Yeah austailians are known for being good fighters…look how many champions they have…

  • Jeff Horn needs a new trainer if anything .. this fuckin retard is accountable if Jeff ends up in a coma