Welterweight contender Jeff Horn recently held a media workout in advance of his upcoming July 2 showdown with 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Check out how Horn looked as he worked the mitts with trainer Glenn Rushton in the final days leading up to the clash.


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  • I honestly think I'm better than this!

  • you guy talk like pacman is a god. anyone can get their ass kick. if jeff fight pacman in a circle and dance from side to side he'll waste old pacman easy. pacman cant fight you when your moving and punching at the same time. i'll kick pacman old ass off the planet. he swings like a wild bitch. i'll easily knock this no chin gook out with one punch to the mouth. lights out for pacmon.

  • the best mitt work I've ever seen.. Stevie Wonder

  • Jesus chris this dude is going to get fucking destroyed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • oh snap! Manny is gonna knock this guy out.

  • If Horn lived in the uk he would not even win a southern area boxing belt

  • old mate here is going to get ktfo in his own backyard ..
    thanks to his handicapped trainer this poor bloke will be humiliated by Boss Manny

  • whhaatt???? no timing , no speed the hell u will end up by 5

  • Top coach LoL
    Fuck man this trainer is world class Lol

  • the trainer is like drunken master.haha

  • I don't think Horn will win. He's a good fighter, but not on the same level. He lacks in experience. But dude's got a ton of heart, he 'll come to fight for sure!!

  • bradley was 10x better than this guy, if thats his best, hes gonna have to get real lucky to beat pacman.

  • no offence to white men but they just have no rhythm no flavor to box or dance lol if they whant to build a white beast they need those young white boxers with black or hispanic trainers since very young

  • pacman gone over there for a reason… EASY MONEY

  • Coach having a fit on the pads

  • Jeff horn is shit i don't understand why he became this payday is he the husband of manny's little sister and he dont want to pay for her anymore but want to give him atleast a ass whooping for fucking his Sis

  • Why didn't horn fight someone like Bradley, Garcia, Khan or even Cotto first before taking on Pac? I think Horn has a good chin and may last the distance but I feel he's going to end up looking like Margarito, De La Hoya and Cotto after Manny fought them.

  • guys,he's tall AF!,of course he's a power puncher

  • Slow as shit. He's going to get destroyed.

  • trash.

  • LOL

  • Glenn Rushton looks even more retarded than Freddie Roach.

  • Weird Mitts training. Jeff's gonna go to sleep if that's all his got.

  • This horny horn is no match for pacman..he'll be kayoed in 5th😁

  • I think manny is a few levels above and will make easy work of horn, but you can't knock horn. He was offered the fight, he has obviously trained extremely hard and is going to go in there and give it his all. He actually looks decent as well, I don't understand folk saying he looks shit. He looks good but he just isn't good enough to beat Manny Pacquaio, who happens to be an ATG.

  • Just be smart, stay away from his right hand, duck in and out and hit him with combos and Pacman should get the TKO within 7 rounds.

  • This is such a joke .Pacman is so much faster than this guy.Its a boat fight.Horn is going to get his payday & nothing else

  • too slow for manny. just sayin.

  • The fight is the same happen Pacman vs Margarito and de la hoya lol

  • If Horn fight in those condition. Then he should be ready to be upset on the after fight.

    He lacks speed and coordination. What a Disaster ahah

    Anyway look handsome man better be a model or actor

  • Laughing Out Loud

  • Well after watching the fight……I guess he did!! LOL