Jeezy Show Recap, Budden Not Here For Woke Eminem, Kodak Trolls Hov | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska recap the Jeezy episode and the fan reactions before jumping into the daily news, including Eminem’s new song and Kodak Black trolling Jay Z.

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  1. So "keep the same energy" really means "listen, but don't try to understand, and readjust your stance based on knowledge and not just preconceived notions"……basically nobody should grow….just keep the same energy…..ok I got it

  2. Man nedeska needs to fucking go bro. All she does is throw slick shots than bitches when she gets hit with one herself. Stop telling certain guest that we all want to hear from like bryson tiller to come up there period just sit there and fucking moderate. Or quit either or would be fine. That extra feminist shit is for the birds.

  3. Joe acting like he handled himself like a real man in front of Jeezy smh. He was shook and he know it. If I say something imma stand by it, as a man. Don't speak if you not willing to stand by it Joe.

  4. If proof was alive he wouldn’t allow this shit music Eminem is bringing out , and mr porter produced this track (Eminem’s hype man) why tf is this lame beer belly ass nigga producing Eminem songs 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Joe, I'm going to give you the same advice you gave Nicki Minaj when she was explaining shit about the Motorsport song…..SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Boy you twist yourself into a pretzel trying to explain your fuckery. If you would stop trying to get yourself to trend on Twitter, then you wouldn't be in this problem. The problem you have is that many of us realize this is a pattern with your ass. You've had many issues in the past where your mouth writes a check, that your ass can't cash. This show could be a great hip hop show, but you and your antics ruin it. I know you badly need something to go right in your career cause it must hurt to be at the same spot Akademiks is at, but SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! and let Nadeska talk.

  6. Although I do think that Eminem clip of that song they were showing is trashed I do think the singers that he's picking for his album is trash but this second part of this specific song is hard as hell I want anybody who's reading this comment to go listen to that second half of that song the first part sucks so bad and the Beast sucks so bad because he's rapping from a white cops point of view and it sounds like white hip-hop music that sucks the second half is rapping from the black person's point of view in America and the Beat switches up and it's cold as fuk and the stuff he saying on it is the truth and it go crazy I feel like he should have did the whole song when it says I can have beat but I see why he didn't do it metaphorically listening to the whole song and if you do happen to listen to the song the whole song at the end it will metaphorically all make sense and the way he ended it you will be more hype for the second part in the first part moral of the comment THAT SECOND PART HARD ASF 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  7. Thank you joe!!!! I swear black people just as racist as white people always bitchin about raace an shit. Like shut the fuck up!!! Not every fucking thing is about race you dumb fuck. I love that joe is blacl an yet gets mad about it. Its so truee. I love my black folks. I just dont like they always bring race into it. Not everyone. But wtill its alot

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