Jeezy Sets the Record Straight With Budden and Akademiks | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Jeezy joined Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska to talk about his career perception to this point and why he’s viewed differently than other rappers that he came up with. He also talked about his new album ‘Pressure,’ which drops on Dec. 15.


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  1. I swear some of you dudes are retarded as hell. Joe already apologized for what he said. So do you REALLY expect Joe to be screaming and yelling at Jeezy? Of course he was being quiet because Jeezy was expressing how he felt and it looked like he was genuinely interested in what was being said. At what point was he supposed to argue with him? I’m sure none of you dudes would just pop off the way you expect Joe to. That so called β€œenergy” had no place in this interview.

  2. Joe Budden scary af this episode lol. Nigga don't know shit about the streets but be braggin to AK that he know street niggas all day. Y'all remember when he raised his hand to not being a street guy in that Berg episode?

  3. Super dope guest, good to hear Jeezy say what he has to say. I don't agree with the way he comes at them for criticizing music. Who cares if they criticize the music, these kids he's talking about are still going to get their money and popularity, they're still going to keep doing what they're going to do. He's a little bit salty about people judging others. Thats what media does. He for some reason thinks that their judgment is stopping the grind.. That's not happening at all

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