Jeannie Mai Wanted a Purpose in Her Home



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  1. I saw this full segment and I agree with Tamera.Screw any feminazi heffas who wanna get mad. I appreciate being a lady and having a man clean snow off my car, open doors for me, pay for my dinner,etc. It has nothing to do with old school. Men are suppossed to be the providers for women. I do not understand, nor do I want to understand this new generation of fuckboys and fuckboy acceptance. I wish dude would ask me to pay rent!!! when living with him can result in me getting pregnant by him.No ring on inger but he want sot play house? no ma'am. Men around the world will not stand for this. I remember watching a video where men in oher countries were shocked that women pay bills or pay for dates. A man who is disrespectful to you will be disrespectful regardless if you pay bills or not. HOW MANY WOMEN IN AMERICA ARE LIVING WITH DUDES WHO JUST USE THEM FOR A PLACE TO STAY? WOMAN PAYS all BILLS WHILE GUY IS CHEATING AND HANGING OUT?!?! A man's respect for you doesnt rely on your ability to pay. There are housewives who dont work a 9-5 job and they are respected by their hubby. I will not be living with no dude before marriage, AND DAMN SURE will not be paying rent and utilities to a guy I am not committed to that is getting sex everyday. Even prostitutes get better treatment. I am not your frat boy room mate. I am a a lady and you will treat me as such.

  2. SOooooooo…. because I am home raising his four boys cooking cleaning and else…I don't contribute financially so I don't have a right for my Voice! To be heard? And I don't have a purpose??? Please post full clip..maybe I'm wrong?

  3. Thanks for the YouTube exclusive Girl Chat, but be wiser about the clips from the show that you upload too. I'm from Brazil so I only watch the show through YouTube (and I watch the ads when there's one), so please give me meaningful clips from the show at least

  4. Hey my loves, I am asking that you join this boycott with me against "the Real Daytime" YouTube channel. As I love their videos, their clickbait videos are becoming out of hand. So I humbly ask that you stand with me and unsubscribe now. We have to take a stand to get what we deserve as faithful viewers. Let us also stop clicking on these short clips giving them views. Thank you my loves. I love us for real.

  5. Who the hell is liking these 22 second clips? Y'all don't even know what's going on. If you want longer videos you communicate to them by disliking the short clips…not the other way around. They'll be more inclined to listen to us and upload longer videos when we do this. #Think

  6. Reason why I unsubscribed …23 seconds? Are you mental? You think you solved the youtube complaining by adding that ‘web exclusive’ thing? NO! What don’t you get that you’re not on every channels in the usa and most definitely not even on cable internationally, the least you could do is post FULL clips for us (your viewers, what keep you afloat) Wth was she even talking about? Ya’ll have a good show but need to get better social media people or w e its called who posts here. 23 f seconds?????????
    Suggetions: Post FULL girl chat segments or atleast post the full topic they were talking about.

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