Jeannie Mai Gets A Botchy Botox



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  1. Omg Adrienne here we go again. Girl people who watch the show are old enough to the know what a Botox is. I really wanted to hear Jeannies story. Omg she talked too much and is always interrupting. It’s getting really annoying like shut up and I’ve said it before.

  2. Why is there so much heat for Adrienne? Adrienne boo, keep doing you. I have seen you mature and grow on the show. I'm happy for all you ladies. I've been here since season one and I will be here for all the later seasons.

  3. Thats why u cant put an intelectual person in a bunch of must be really tired for Loni to keep pretending she cares about any of them topics..Intellectual person usually stays quiet bcuz they dont care about petty little things.

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