Jay Z Responds to Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ on 4:44 and Apologizes for cheating on her in the past.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Jay Z Responding to Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ and Apologizes for cheating on her in the past.
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  • every body cheats

  • I fear that Beyonce like most women will eventually threaten to divorce j-z when she get settled down. When most women remain to calm about cheating and act like they forgot about it and forgive you then that's a sign she planning to leave. I hope I'm not right about this.

  • This is all a big joke they definitely planned this out completely come on people stop falling into this bullshit crap they are obviously doing this to boost sales like come on right now they're probably laughing that everybody's falling for this bullshit and running straight to the bank with millions

  • Beyoncé is human too she can get cheated on. Even the beautiful people get cheating on its life

  • I don't think this dude can read.

  • ak the type of nigga to cheat on his left hand with his right hand

  • ain't no price tag on love loyalty respect honor truth etc…this thread is MOSTLY full of either dumb current generation fuk heads or older folks who know better but wanna be a relevant person in these times of futile, irrelevant-based thinkers

  • nigga please I'm willing to put money on Beyonce getting donkey fucked by someone else that's why she ain't tripping over Jay z cheating too much

  • Looking at these comments about Marriage and cheating is sad.

  • Definitely a riding album. Love the track and the entire album

  • We knew, 2nd verse on Lost Ones, Bey Irreplaceable, Why Don't You Love Me…ect. Solange incident was the icing on the cake.

  • Keep is real bra this album is wack I'm disappointed

  • Jay z took a L for cheating on the bmost beautiful girl in the world (beyonce😍) but he's acting like a good man apologizing like this😌

  • yo Ak this nigga Dom stealing ur style… u need to stay up to date on here bro.

  • A Man Is As Faithful As His Options…
    C. Rock

  • wow Jay is deep

  • Akademiks the type of nigga to get embarrassed in front of his favorite group

  • i was fucking them girls i was gonna get right back- Jay Z (2001)

  • Dj akademiks. You a sell out you use to keep it real now you in it for the money. I lost respect for my fav rapper and blogger on the same day. Smh

  • Akademiks you too ugly to be cheating 🙄

  • This Higgs j is still the best in the game hands down

  • Hey guys stream or download Jay Z's new album 4:44 here>>> https://t.co/Z7UaTbDLnL

  • H D

    Don't really care too much about jay z album very mediocre and very overated as an artist but I do respect his business moves

  • What's the song name where Beyoncé talks about jay z cheating on her

  • W for the commentary on akademiks side

  • Vic Mensa makes music for faggots

  • Akademiks you must first actually have a girl before you can cheat on her! i been watching ya shit since you had 100 subs & i never ever seen you with a bitch! lmao

  • Once you get caught cheating, and she stays with you… You are basically giving her a guilt free,"Fuck a nigga pass." If my bitch ever catches me cheating, I'm breaking it off, on my own… I'll be damn if a bitch gets the best of me.

  • Akademiks cheats on his poodle with a german shepard.

  • jay still got bars

  • Dj akademiks did he have bars for drake

  • DJ Akademiks is almost as emotional as Drake

  • Beyonce really wanted to hear , "I apologize for fukkn Becky wit da good hair"

  • Still don't change the face I was left off bad and boujee

  • Never apologize if you get caught, just deny that shit til the end of time.

  • And some niggas say Jay Z ain't a lyricist

  • Do your own thing dog!

    Complex bout to start catching L's and their crew is just mediocre.
    You got the reference and experience you need from them already.

    You got the articulation and intellectual analysis that is needed to elevate Entertainment News (Specifically Hip hop).

    Make YOUR brand!

  • Hey 👋🏽 guys, come support a small youtuber

  • Not a lot of niggas will admit to cheating AK. You are he realest YouTuber Alive 🤘🤘

  • Black men know they're trash. Help them, Jay Z.
    Stop being trash, Jay Z.

  • bbbbbbbbbbbbarrss homie

  • lol the only time this nigga akademiks cheated was when he used his white dildo instead of his black dildo !

  • Yall so dumb, they are fooling you guys that jay z cheat just to get more publicity. Jay z didnt cheat, and if he did do yall really think they would tell the world? We all know jay z and beyonce are really private people and the last thing they would do is telling the world this, so stfu….