Jay Z Responds to Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ on 4:44 and Apologizes for cheating on her in the past.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Jay Z Responding to Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ and Apologizes for cheating on her in the past.
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  1. But Jay's gay…sounds like a publicity stunt because he's ran out of rhymes and nobody wants to hear some dude in his 40's talk about dealing drugs and killing people.

  2. So he did cheat on her? Bruh I just thought these were rumours and he would never do that but he can go fuck himself! Beyoncé should leave the bitch. Once a cheater, always a cheater… take multiple L's bruh…

  3. Y'all mad at jay? He bogus…but they ass need to be treated regular. That's how Meek lost Nicki. Treating her like she the best thing ever happened to him. Had he treated her regular. She would still be there holding on.

  4. I was the Same way i didnt think was even possible for me to stay faithful i use to have like 3 girls at time that i was seening making easier for me was that 1 was in the state i lived 2 where living 4 hours away one of them
    my third the one i thought one day would marry lived in Europe But she turned out to be the first i broke up with when i might my **mow wife living in that city she lived in. so when hooked with her i stayed that whole summer in Europe . My Current i bought back with me on k-1 visa which when came together sheblived with me so i had to break up with my other Gfs. But it turned out if u meet ur Soul mate You can stay faithful and even ur wife will forgive you If they Really love you.
    Guys my wife is work calls me every break My only question for her is when are you coming home. You dont get tired of the one love Whats the difference from a women body parts
    tits ass and puss tits ass puss all of them got the same shit
    I never thought i would get married but married 17 years now i got married whenn I was 20

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