Jay Z Helps Bail Out Fathers Stuck In The System

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  • All W's

  • Stuck in the system? Or criminals getting what they deserve?? 🤔

  • RomeDMV da type of nigga to moan when he takes a shit

  • Jay L

  • If Uzi, Future, or Thug ain't on the next Jay Z album I ain't listening

  • Best JayZ story I ever heard, hands down!

  • Much respect to JAY. This man is doing some LEGENDARY activities.

  • I hope this blessed family stays blessed. I love the privacy that they keep for themselves rather than pushing every piece of their lives on social media. Much love to Jay Z for doing this so fathers can see their kids this father's day. The deed is good, the intention is good. I hope the outcome is just as good. This dried up beef with Remy and Nicki has to stop keep in mind, Nicki's only doing actions, she's not commenting or reacting to shit over social media. Remy stays trying to get at her. I wish they would come to an agreement that this is over already. Stop looking at other people and maybe you can get further with your career.

  • In two months those twins gon be making music

  • So what if she gave birth smh

  • It's Hovi baby

  • Damn, change her name to Nicki Sabotage smh. Now Jay Z gets the reward of the year for getting a LOT bruthas out. He's living up to the "Hova" name. Making a way when those bruthas thought that no way was possible

  • Well I don't mind his bailing out black fathers as long as they look after their damn kids when they get out otherwise they can stay there

  • Half a mil for bail cuz I'm African.

  • Go head Envy… I know that's right. u usually sound coonish (not real coon but just a bit)…. lol.

  • Nice farther's day gift from Jay Z

  • I like his music , greatest rapper ever in my opinion. But he is no black leader . He doesn't really do anything intentionally to directly bennifit the black community.

  • I'm not going for this shit HE'S still a Illuminati member controlled by the Zionist Jews

  • Nicki is fine as a MF in that pic.

  • Y'all need to fall back from Radio King's channel and stop blocking the full audio uploads!!

  • Yee look good on that intro

  • Charlemagne always talk through the whole rumor report

  • watch your back jay they gonna bill cosby u

  • I died at Charlemagne laugh when Remy ma said she acting hardcorial

  • Buy my mixtape KD The Snake

  • "It has to be true"

  • "hardcorial"

    sounds like some nore isms

  • why Charlemagne not giving Jay z donkey for this? because what Jay did same thing as Tory lanez making more money for the bonds industry WTF the hypocrisy is deep

  • How is bailing people out helping anything? Pay their Child support.

  • This is a commendable act. We can't hate on Jay for this. HOWEVER, I will not praise Jay-Z for bringing attention to an issue that the likes of Jeru the Damaja, Nas, Immortal Technique, Chuck D, KRS-One and others have been addressing for years. In fact Jay used to diss Nas for kicking conscious rap. Let them brothers get praised and rewarded first for doing it first, being consistent over the years, and for doing it when it wasn't always popular and convenient.

  • Loudness

  • so after those men are free is he gonna make sure they all get jobs or just free but unemployed and homeless?