JAY-Z Gives Inspiring Speech At Annual Trayvon Martin Peace Walk

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  1. Tami wasn't the only person talking about the picture… I think Cardi B asked for this… So as harsh as this may sound…. She has to get thicker skin….bc unfortunately she can't stop ppl from talking… More so, you can't pick and choose which headlines she is okay with ppl talking about… When it's a spent narrative that talks about Cardi having five songs on the Billboards and breaking ppl records… She loves the fame and notoriety… But when it's not favorable she want to go in her feelings… That's not going to cut it

  2. R.I.p tray.. everybody still killin eachother but won't lay a fuckin finger on the police, wont use them guns to fight the government for freedom, wont slap yo racist neighbor wit the black hand of Moses but Ya'll will beat, kill, Rob & bash your own…meanwhile Zimmerman probably gettin put on to the bloods gang down in mami😏….BL aint never mattered to no one, not even us…

  3. I'm sick of these fake woke blacks. I will never forget a couple weeks ago I went to visit a friend who lived in the projects. 2 pm in the day all you heard was gunshots. Fucking insane. Its like Iraq in here in the inner cities

  4. Unlike most blacks I actually care about black lives not when the media wants you to care so they can set up their Agenda. Where is the Media when all these blacks are being murdered in the inner city

  5. Alton sterling killer – guilty
    Philando castile killer – guilty
    Mike brown killer – innocent
    Trayvon martin killer – innocent

    He was slamming Zimmerman’s head on the concrete simply for asking him a question and doing his job as a neighborhood watchmen. George Zimmerman is innocent people. Also not white. Not a cop. Just a regular justified self defense homicide. Don’t know why his death is such a big deal. Nothing like sterling or castiles.

  6. Chinese people come here from communist China and are able to put their kids into good schools and get good jobs but niggers been here over 100 years and still can't fix their communities. I get so angry with my people because there is so much potential

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