Jay Morrison Debates with Vlad on Whether Real Estate is a Scam

Successful real estate guru Jay Morrison sat down with VladTV, where he explained how he left a life of dealing drugs in the streets to becoming successful in real estate. He revealed that it was at the age of 25 that he realized that the streets weren’t panning out the way he planned, so he decided to go try his hand in real estate, which he was introduced to after doing a stint in jail.

Moving along, Jay spoke about linking up with Jay Z’s good friend Emory Jones, starting a record label, and Emory telling him to chase after real estate. To hear more of what Jay had to say, hit the above clip.


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  • Jay Morrison absolutely destroyed Vlad. I lost all respect for Vlad in this interview.

  • Dis nigga told

  • Vlad is a moron…..

  • Vlad is embarass becuase he dont know what he is talking about

  • Jay Morrison challenged the fuck out this nigga. Don't say shit is true and you can't even bet on it. I've invested in both and can tell you Stocks can all CRASH tomorrow and your ass is broke. Real Estate however? Everyone is going to need or want Property regardless what anyone says. Black people need to Master and invest in BOTH honestly but don't believe a word this fool Vlad is saying.

    "White man love me when I get my bling on, But you hate me buyin' real estate in foreign land"

  • i'll keep the shory stort

  • Vlad is right. Stock market make you millionaire more than real estate. http://www.msn.com/en-ie/money/other/the-16-industries-most-likely-to-make-you-a-millionaire/ss-BBuYTUC Real Estate #4 and Finance (Stocks) #1

  • Vlad sound like a fucking idiot and needs shut up

  • Vlad ..hating like a mother fucker..

  • one of your best videos vlad…
    yall both have great points I would do stock personally but I would also invest in a double or 3 or 4 unit property

  • This VLAD cat stay STUCK on STUPID! It's disturbing to witness.

    The home you LIVE-IN is NOT considered an INVESTMENT unless the CASH FLOWS IN to you, for which is impossible if you have a mortgage that you are PAYING OUT to!

    CASH FLOWS IN to you by owning OTHER real estate that SOMEONE ELSE pays YOU to live-in.

    You can't compare owning a home that you reside in to your investment in the STOCK MARKET…

    Just listen to what the young G is breaking down to you, you ASS!

    However, Big up to Jay Morrison for all that you do homey… Peace & Blessings!

  • Vlad just sound stupid. ..

  • If you take 100,000 and put in real estate investing vs stocks,real estate wins,vlad purposely tries to throw people off,a residential is considered single fam to quadplex,with a decent cap rate 8 to 12%,after debt service and capital expenditure you can make 200.00 plus a month on a quad, get in with an FHA 3.5 down and live in one unit and you are in control,you're not getting cash flow like that from stocks short term or long term.

  • vlad, u needa give respect when due. the man know he right ; u know he right. just stop arguing. U look weakminded.

  • Fuck you Vlad you racist !!!

  • vlad is so stupid lol comparing owning a house to making money in stocks.

  • vlad is dumb! in order to paid in stocks u need capital! u can't do sht w stocks but wait n see. its legal gambling, throwing darts! real estate u can invest in it, upgrade it to rent or sell. if i put new cabinets n and an all new kitchen investing 5k n u can raise the price of ur crib price at 10k.. for, real estate over stocks anyway. to make money off stocks u need bread. bc a stock goes up $10 but u need to own 1,000 shares to even see something. and if the stock is at $50, you paying 5,000 to make 1,000 before costs like brokerage fees!

  • I think it's dumb when people say "I applaud you" in a face to face discussion and don't clap at all. That's like texting someone across the room "lmao" while you're stale faced.

  • The Jew tryna throw us off they tricks

  • Vlad might be a little slow brah lol… How are u arguing with someone who does real estate for a living man? That's like Jay doing a interview and arguing with vlad about how to do interviews smh

  • Vlad has much to learn about real estate.

  • vlad gave me a damn headache…

  • #UnsubscribeVladTv make this shit go viral

  • Vlad can eat a dick.

  • Do both!

  • This was the best Vlad interview ever! Jay got on Vlad's @ss but respect to Vlad for getting the young guru in for an interview. Vlad is wrong about stock vs. real estate by the way.

  • smart lil nigga

  • Vlad is an example of a person with very limited knowledge on a subject but some how has a very strong opinion on how it works. He essentially knows nothing about real estate investing but speaks down on it.

  • I've made money in both and I'll pick real estate any day

  • vlad dont know what the fuck he talkin about stocks is close to gambling shit aint gauranteed whereas real estate(not just owning a home) is a lil more secure. you could own land just land which requires no maintenance i.e no money cause its natural and let ya property sit until some big wig wanna do something then you profit vlad is a bozo

  • good video! ☺ @Vladtv

  • For those of you who might want to get into the real estate business, take a look at Foreclosures listings in your area, bank own, gov homes, Fannie Mae, HUD, Va Foreclosures, you can bid on them, and their price go own every month too, so you can sit back and wait on the price to go down, But! someone else might be watching the price too and jump on it before you do.

  • Vlad don't know shit. He think throwing stock market word around think he is big Willy lol

  • great conversation jay got vlad on this one though vlad was being too stuborn trying to sound right while jay was trying to put it in proper perspective … you cant compare stock market investing to owning one home even just owning 3 homes with out any real strategy or insight or hindsight like you would when it comes to buying stock …

  • one correction on jay tho he said you could never get an 33% return on stocks which is far from truth … when it comes to stocks 33% is a small return … stocks like bitcoin if you got in @ the right time have over 1,000% return !! which is the only place you can get those kind of returns but you have to really be on top of whats going on … its very hard to get on these trains before they take off … its so many stocks we personally watch take off that would of made us all rich yet we all still trying to hit the power ball lol … anything from amazon google bitcoin linkedin dominos apple etc… the list goes on and on … imo … if you were really smart id do both … real estate and stocks would be my primary investments … stocks for the high gains … and realestate for stability and long term returns … all in all they were debating but both vlad and jay were right as far as the industry they were fighting for is well worth the time and investment … learn both !! sn def drop more of these convo !! need more !!

  • Brother Jay; a lot of points were missed!
    #1. Real Estate – You can get a million dollar property for 200k that may put 50k a year in your pocket.
    Stocks – You need the full million dollars and you only make money when you sell.
    #2. Real Estate – You can literally pay zero taxes legally.
    Stocks – You're paying capital gains. Easily 30 %
    #3. Real Estate – You can add value to it to provoke appreciation.
    Stocks – You're hoping it appreciates.
    #4. Real Estate – It's insured. Your property can burn to the ground and it couple of months later, you will be getting a check for that.
    Stocks – Uninsured. If the company tanks, bye bye to your money.

    As is, Vlads argument is simply stocks are more profitable then owning a single family home. He's right because it cost you money every month. Doesn't make you any in the short term.

    However, when you fucking with multifamily homes, you establish a monthly income. Once your net monthly income greatly exceeds your living expenses, you now have established wealth. You can outsource all responsibilities and just look at numbers while sipping Ciroc in Punta Cana.

    Fuck what Vlad talking about!!!!

    Salute to Jay for giving blacks and hispanics the knowledge for a better financial life.


  • Thanks for the interview of Jay Morrison, Vlad. As a real estate, stocks and options investor, I come down on the side of cash flow real estate investing. The name of the game is cash flow and with the right real estate investments, you can generate monthly income without once selling your real estate.

    Again, excellent interview with Jay.

  • once vlad started explaining why he sees real estate as a scam this is the moment the interview became one of the best i have seen on vlad tv, just watching the reaction to what vlad was saying the subtle movements of the eyes and neck movements.

    vlad try to stick to this line of questioning more so than asking people about nas beating picking and take over rather than ether and asking people about violence all the time. this interview was a grown mans interview not a grown man acting like a 16 year old.

  • Vladimir keeps cutting him off and not even trying to understand

  • Vlad is a complete idiot, where did he get is finance degree?

  • How about this. Vlad invest into Jay's company.

  • Jay needs to charge VLAD for how much knowledge he just gave him!

  • to make money in real estate, its more then just buying and believing that you are going to make money… where is the property? at what prices does other houses/apartments go in this area? and so on so on.. more then just buying and waiting

  • Vlad can you please have him on again. I would rather see him teaching us about the Real estate game then to see multiple videos about porn stars. just saying

  • Buy Real estate BLACK PEOPLE don't be fooled by Vlad you could rent some rooms out have tenants pay part of the mortgage for you and you can also do up the property and flip it for profit if you need quick cash. most millionaires and billionaires invest in real estate thats why they buy up everything do up the properties push up the rent so your poor black ass cant afford it and kick your ass in the slams. Think about it you still need a place to live in anyway.

  • I literally hate Vlad.. and he talks like quagmire

  • Vlad lost this argument in the first 3 minutes. Vlad thinks that buying a home to live in is an investment and that is a misconception.