James Worthy Says Kevin Durant Surpassed LeBron James | SportsNation | ESPN

NBA Hall-of-Famer James Worthy joined SportsNation to talk about Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant surpassing Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James as the greatest NBA player right now.

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  • how can a none LBJ fan let this guy get away with spewing such such such blasphemy!?!

  • my mans trippin trippin

  • Smdfh really james worthy Kevin Durant is not the best player on the planet lebron is. Kd didn't surpassed lebron in no shape or form. Kd joined a elite team and when he was on the thunder they had a chance to elimate golden state

  • let them come out of the cracks lol oh boy have they been waiting in the gutters

  • Mr worthy you get a come on cuh.ima Cavs fan.but I respect gsw.but kd went to a lit team.now last season kd could of beat gsw an what happen.you can't fall for the moment.kd is great.but that team an system is better.

  • He smoking cock

  • No James worthy you're wrong, one series doesn't make KD better than Lebron either way Lebron outplayed KD but he was on a better team.

  • Lebron if you want to beat the warriors go to Milwaukee……..


  • LeBron did absolutely nothing to lose the title as best in the world lol

  • 2-3 more titles and ya ill give the title to durant

  • so kd joins a 73-9 team suddenly he is the world's best? lmao

  • kyle scored damn 40. stfu

  • Durant hit his game 3 shot Lebron passed his to korver

  • This man dumb AF 😂

  • Bron isn't a better rebounder. He is a better passer that's it. KD right now is a better scorer and defender than Bron right now, not to mention he's more of a clutch player. He fill the stat sheet like Bron, but nobody can and there are intangibles that you take into consideration that go against stats

  • WHAT are these niggas talkin about. im done yo

  • wat r u smoking ? bwahaha

  • well said james wirthy and i agree

  • lebron fans mad cause it's kd time

  • gtfoh Dr

  • James worthy ain't worthy of talking.

  • All y'all saying KD better than LeBron now cause he won the finals over him

  • this disgusts me so much wtf

  • its crazy hpw ppl say KD is better than lbj.. but I never heard this discussion when he was in OKC

  • oh no baby what is you sayin'

  • Who is he?

  • Big Game James I'm
    Disappointed totally You of all people( MJ I'd unstand ) but you…oh
    Hell no!! Look at the
    resume/record one moment ok but career??

  • KD is not better than LeBron not even in his dreams…..Worthy mad LeBron breaking him and his teammates records, plus he only won one chip FOH Brain dead Worthy.

  • please get this moron off camera

  • not a cavs fan, I like KD and the Warriors, but this dude wrong.

  • James Worthy be smoking something to make such a dumb statement. LeBron is better at everything except shooting. He averages a triple-double in the Finals with little help from his teammates. KD just benefits from being surrounded by all-stars and it takes all the pressure off of him. Where was KD when he was on the Thunder?.. Getting owned by LeBron. LeBron is still the best player in the game today!.

  • JW I love you but you are too caught up in the moment.When he is high up on the all time scoring list and is averaging a triple​ double and all time playoffs scoring and gets more rings (which he will probably get more of since the super team he's on).When he passes LeBron in every aspect of the game when he's in the same sentence as MJ THEN I'll agree he's the best player.Nothing but respect for u though James Worthy.I just respectfully disagree.

  • Agreed with Big Game James

  • LOL JUST IMAGINE LEBRON PLAYING ON THE GSW… WOULD WIN EVERY FUCKING RING .. KD is not better than Lebron by joining 73-9 teams

  • James worthy is a retard

  • is this a nba legend?… Kd is on a better Fkn team… If larry bird went to the pistons and Droped 50 A game in the finals against the bulls , is he better than Jordon ?? Hell no

  • lol he better because he went to the Greatest regular team ever lol

  • unbelievable they think he's better than Lebron. They lost due to coaching.

  • Yeah…… James Worthy you need some milk braahh

  • senile old man!!! 😂😂😂


  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug