It’s Quiz Time – New “Best of 2017” Update | PS4

It’s Quiz Time’s Best of 2017 is out now on PlayStation®! Brand-new content pitting you against the highlights of 2017! Have you been paying attention this year? Find out.

It’s Quiz Time. Copyright 2017 by Relentless Vision 1 Ltd. All rights reserved. Published and distributed by Vision Games Publishing LTD.



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  1. "Connie Chiwa"…who's that, the babysitter?
    "How Bow Duh" Sounds like a bad Dr Seuss rhyme.
    If you're gonna bank on a virtual speech program, maybe you should get it to speak correctly.

  2. can you plz make a new dualshock controller that can have a screen on it. i mean, not a mobile phone that has only the screen share on it, i mean that you can also use the controller as the console, and if you play split screen games, you would have own screen and you could go playing somewhere else and your stupid brothers that are looking at eachother's screens (screen peeking) wouldn't do it anymore. i mean.. they can't do it anymore, but ofcourse you can still use a tv.

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