Isaiah Thomas Still Can’t Stop Throwing Shade at the Cavs

It looks like Isaiah Thomas is still salty about the way his time with the Cavaliers ended. Since getting dealt to the Lakers at the NBA trade deadline, IT has thrown shade at his former team on several occasions, and he just did it again while talking about his first real practice in Los Angeles.

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  1. They're putting natasha more often because she's a people person & attractive.
    Give her a raise or else…

    i will cry in a corner hoping beija doesn't convert her to the other side 😖

  2. So now wait, Issaih simply stated that the Cavs don’t practice the way he wanted them to, and Crowder just fucking said the he likes Utah, and somehow Conplex skews that into them “taking shots at/having feelings over” the Cavs?

    Y’all are some fucking drama queens, remember you where sucking IT’s dick last summer when he went through hell and back.

  3. IT was crying when Boston traded him and he never got over it. All he is worried about is getting his contract after this year. He's not getting anything close to the max

  4. isaiah my man n all but he a bit salty on this. tell u the truth i kinda feel him . mean what was up with the way they played against the celtics. watching that made me kinda feel like lebron had something to do with that big trade

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