Is There A Silver Lining For Bulls In Jimmy Butler Trade? | The Jump | ESPN

Brian Windhorst discusses how there might be a silver lining for the Chicago Bulls after trading Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  • LeBron finally getting that playmaker @rondo

  • D.Wade yearly plan is smart af. Ma man be milkin' the bulls

  • So without the Rondo injury the Bulls would have been playing Lebron in the conference finals and now they rebuild? And why the hell would they resign Wade for 24 million if that was the case unless they had no choice?

  • Lauri is going to be Dirk-Lite! He'll turn out to be a career 15-20PPG, 7-9RPG, 3-4APG a game type of player…hopefully lol. Anyway fuck GarPax we prolly won't win a title until they're gone.

  • Keep Rondo, we need a Head Coach

  • Gar/Pax been hanging w/ Phil.

  • Draymond Green not top 10 let alone top 25 smh 🤦‍♂️ NBA expert my ass 🤦‍♂️😂😅🤣😂😅

  • Will not be watching the BULLS 👎🏿

  • all we can do is ride this out with my bulls and see where we go.. we should have picked up justin patton, but im happy we started this rebuilding process but its time to fire fred hoeburg … lets tank this year then grab a 1st rounder

  • That fat gobble neck motherfucka saids why would the bulls try helping the warriors by giving them a pick but than said if wade gets bought out he can probably go to the cavs!!! We clearly see that fat fucking pig clearly a lebron dick ridder but fuck both those teams they don't need no more help than they already got

  • Even though I already know these players are only playing for money, we dont need a show whose entire focus on is that specific topic. What the fuck is the silver lining?

  • It's obvious that Chicago just wants to renew their team as much as possible and getting three promising youngsters for one 27 year old is a good trade. Chicago is looking 2-3 years to the future.

  • If Rondo goes whit the wolves, they are going to the playoffs

  • As a born and raised Chicagoan, I get the move (move Jimmy) but the specifics of the deal are horrible. I hate the leadership. I won't be watching games this season.

  • The reason they traded the 16th pick is because the Wolves were originally offering Rubio instead of Lavine. Therefore, the Bulls compromised by giving them the 16th pick. These guys at ESPN are suppose to be journalist and yet they act as clueless as the casual fan.

  • Already looking into the top 5 draft picks for next year. #bullsnation

  • I told u dumbass Bulls fans tall were gonna trade jimmy "gets buckets" Butler
    1. because YALL development staff been trash since jordan jimmys game been the same since he was a rookie (if not worse)
    2. tall have a serious identity crisis, tall don't know if u wanna be a "super" team or a tanking team
    3. all the potential in the world couldn't get the Bulls past the 1st round in the playoffs.. YALL been cursed since Jordan, Bulls been knocked out the 1st round of the playoffs more than 70% of the time since 2000. no wonder ur stars want out.

  • Rachel Nicholas can get it

  • I wish Rachel Nichols would talk nba to me to sleep every night

  • This guy is a fool.

  • shit we could have traded Jimmy for someone young like Devin Booker at least.

  • Wade to the heat plz

  • lets goo 6ixers

  • Draymond green top 10 in the league ….Lost the little credibility he had

  • man….. this is the true meaning, to ridiculousness

  • 1000th like

  • any soul that thinks the bulls made a bad deal just shouldn't consider themselves basketball fans

  • Silver lining? Market value of the franchise most-likely declined. Maybe a buyer for the franchise is out there that would fire everyone in management and replace the coaching staff ASAP.
    These guys have traded their best player and handed the champs a draft pick for cash all after benching their best point guard and trading their best shooter while ruining any chance of building any real team chemistry during the regular season.
    The players fought like champs in the playoffs only to watch Rajon carry them to a 2-0 lead on the road against the Celtics. If Rondo was not injured, they would have been in the ECF.
    At this point, they are imploding on purpose.
    The management and the coaches have no idea what the daily, weekly, or long-term plan is, or how to impliment stability and basic strategy for stars and rotation players.
    Buy-out any veterans on the team and sign league minimum players to fill the roster to 2-year deals.
    Stop signing veterans, if you are going to mis-manage everything around them.

  • wouldn't wanna see him waste in Chicago anyway..too bad Melo stubborn to leave

  • Pause at :23 such a sad face

  • Let Rondo walk, Trade for Melo.


  • They still have Wade him and Lavin will be cold if lavine is the sake

  • Jimmy Butler is very overrated. Rebuilding was essential or otherwise there would still be turmoil with that clown still there.

  • Rondo is way better than Dunn. Keep him.

  • We most likely gone have 2 top 5 picks we also have the kings pick as well

  • Were the same dudes in charge during the NFL and NBA draft in Chicago? Jesus

  • Paxon has historically shown incompetence by always butting heads with either a coach or a player. If everyone around you is nuts, then you should look internally.

  • "Is this the Dwyane Wade buyout fund?" LMAOOOOOOO!!!