Is Jim Boeheim Bashing Triangle Offense To Defend Carmelo Anthony? | The Russillo Show | ESPN

Ryen Russillo thinks the only reason Syracuse University’s head coach Jim Boeheim is speaking out against the triangle offense is to defend New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony.

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  • You don't need to bash triangle offense if you can't do it right

  • As much as loved watching it in The 80's and 90's That offense is B Balls equivalent of the dead ball era!!!!!!!!

  • bring jim boeheim as a coach to keep and coach melo

  • Fuck CarBitcho. Bench his whiny ass. He needs to waive his NTC and not hold the Knicks hostage. I would be damned if we pay his salary while he wins with the Cavs fuck that.

  • Yes, an offense that has won 11 nba championships in the past 30 years is the worst ever. This coming from a man whose primary defense is a 2-3 zone. Lol trash

  • That triangle offense got Phil 11 championship lol Melo is just a fat old ballhog who can't play defense or pass the ball, Ball dominate players like MJ, Kobe flourished in the triangle offense.

  • Triangle: 11 rings
    Melo: 0

  • My mom said that if i reach 200 subs she would buy me a camera plz help

  • The problem with the Knicks are not Carmelo, nor are they because of Phil. There's been one thing consistent with the Knicks through all of these garbage years.

  • The triangle only works with the best team or player in league.

  • The warriors run triangle sets but they're foundation is not the triangle offense

  • Let's be honest. The Triangle has done enough to defend itself. Mr. Boeheim is a fag

  • Anyone defending Melo at this point, have been rejected by Denver, abandoned by D'Antoni and Phil Jackson, can only be a fool. Melo is the most untrainable, stubborn basketball player of all time. Only by Doland's blindness did Melo survive all these years. When Melo plays, his team mates and coach become invisible to him.