Is Dating at Work Out of the Question? Pt. 2

If you’ve ever dated a coworker, share with us if it worked out!



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  1. Wow some of y'alls insecurities are showing in these comments. Don't be mad that Adrienne is in a trusting and faithful relationship with her man to the point that she can play around and have a work 'crush'. It may not be your cup of tea to have a work crush or boyfriend, but the fact that she tells her husband about Chris shows its all jokes. It's not that deep, some of y'all need to lighten up or go find a loyal relationship lmao.

  2. I have a crush every where I go. I have a co-worker crush, I have a Walmart cashier crush, I have a gas station employee crush, I have a crush in 2/4 of my college classes. It makes me excited to leave the house

  3. Ok Adrienne, I don't care how cool my husband is im not introducing him to no one I have a crush on(work crush), ill share with co-workers but thats about it, I flirt heavily so my husband don't go for that and I know for sure im not about to partake into nothing lk that if I ever came to my mans job., if you not getting attn at home that can actually turn into a REAL thing

  4. Having a crush at work and dating is two different things. When you have a crush on coworker you do not have to do anything about it especially if the person is in a relationship. Just let time pass and it goes away.

  5. huh, "workplace crush".. sorry, but if my man told me he had a "workplace crush".. Nuh-uhh. Nope. Shut it down sir! Ain't happening. Just hearing Adrienne talk about it was awkward, cringy, & uncomfortable. Maybe it's just me.

  6. i think it's innocent. jeannie has a crush on a gay guy…that's not going to lead to cheating. and tam and adrienne's crushes won't lead to anything either bc if you can talk about it on national tv, to the whole wide web, and to your own husband…then it's DEF not shady. when you do things in secrecy….that's when it's got shade written all over it.

  7. When they brought up the subject of work Christmas parties, I laughed out loud. I had way too much to drink at my office Christmas party last month, I danced with 6 different coworkers of mine and when I say dance, I mean up close & personal, lol. And I made out with 2 of them, one while dancing on the dance floor in front of everyone else.

  8. I have a crush on someone at work… I feel like it's a middle school crush. lol it's not even real. I just like the way he deals with with kids. (We work at a school) I love Loni's laugh!

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