Is Chris Paul A Fraud? | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew react to Dan Dakich’s comments on Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, calling him a fraud and questioning his leadership abilities.

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  • Their problem was not realising Griffin should be 6th man and add a real co-star.

  • Chris Paul never did shit for the NBA . Done nothing to solidify himself as a point god . Tell me what he's done to change the game 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Will Cain is taking over Skip's old role of being so stupid it makes Stephen A look smart

  • I have yet to watch the video and probably won't because the title is offensive. Chris Paul, without a doubt underachieved, whether due to injury or performance, during his prime. But to associate 'fraud' as a label to him is honestly just disrespectful to the man's game.

  • Chris Paul has never played with a single HOF quality player in their prime. You need at least two HOF quality players to go deep in the western conference playoffs, let alone to win a championship.

  • Chris paul doesn't speak his mind when he sould or when people want him too. So what? The only real losers in that situation are the angry fans and media and that makes him above them as a person morally until they need him to do his job and answer the reporters in a press conference. Give it a rest Will Cain.

  • Chris Paul is hurt EVERY SINGLE SEASON…What good is your talent when you missing half the NBA season every single year?

  • Fuck this white guy. He's a shithead.

  • what's girl in middle name

  • Dan dakich is an ass being a big colts fan I know

  • I hate MF who've never played the game make such dumbass comments like this white dude

  • Where the fuck is Stephen A Smith

  • I don't want no…frauds!

  • Love John Salley. Great guy. But this is exactly why I don't watch First Take and some of the other ESPN banter shows. They make idiotic statements just for the sake of argument. Other players, just like Spider pointed out, see CP as a great leader and smart person. That's why he leads the PA. Like the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". Blake is to blame for the Clippers problems. I like Blake as a player, but there were yrs when the Clips just weren't good enough, and they yrs they were good enough as a squad were the yrs when Blake got hurt. Blake is supposed to be your leading scorer and go-to guy. Dan Dakich is a fraud. He just wants air time.

  • will cain sound foolish

  • this should be the first take crew. not molly sas and max


  • injuries

  • Paul is a flopping, overrated, whiner.

  • I dont think he is a Fraud. I def think he is overrated though. They never win in the Playoffs and even in the Reg season they are off against top teams. Nash took PHX a couple rounds in PHX and Demar and Kyle lead the Raps to couple series Wins. Paul needs to win a playoff series he really does to save his legacy

  • The combo of Paul ,Griffin and Jordan is just Overrated. They are just nice players who are called Superstars.

  • Cain is an idiot

  • I always thought CP3 was a choker in big moments. His pretend leadership is nothing but a facade.

  • He is a fraud. These reporters 😳😳
    Can get away with saying some silly stuff. I didn't watch whole video 💀🤔

  • Chris is overrated

  • how can a player be a fraud when be has been re elected for lead the nbpa by the players of the league, man tv has to have something to talk about, and this is when of that situations

  • CP3 is fukn dop. fuck you if you not on that

  • CP3 does lack leadership. If he teammates does sonething wrong he get really really mad like piss. His attitude is so TRASH. I hate him playing when he playing. So yea their body language does cause dydfunction

  • KIT

    CP3 aint winning shit… He's on the Clippers… Clippers and winning don't fit in the same sentence.. lol

  • 20 points 10 assist all defense got damn they want his ass to so everthing huh

  • Most overrated of ALL TIME. No debate!

  • Chris Paul is a beast & a great leader on the court. This dude is smoking sherm, talking about body language like a clown.

  • Tough being a leader. Chris doesn't deserve this shit. Where's doc river's leadership? playing his son that doesn't even deserve to be in the NBA. Blake keeps getting injured, DJ can't make free throws for shit and jj reddick gets abortion contracts. How the Fuck you blame all this shit on chris?

  • CP3 and Doc need to go TBH, as good of a player as he is, he doesn't work well with the franchise player, Blake Griffin.

  • CP3 is a fraud only in terms of his status as a superstar.   I don't think he's a superstar; I don't know why anyone else would call him a superstar.  His numbers are solid, so he's not a fraud in terms of production, but just don't call him a superstar.  The other sad thing is the media who hyped him up to be a superstar are now the one calling him a fraud.  That's unfair on CP3 tbh.

  • He's not vocal enough I would say. Most the ambassadors of the nba are retired.

  • Who is this dude…what a patronizing douche bag..the way he talks like he is above everyone else

  • Can we have Stephen A back