Is Chris Paul A Fraud? | First Take | June 27, 2017

The First Take crew react to Dan Dakich’s comments on Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, calling him a fraud and questioning his leadership abilities.

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  1. CP3 Was the best point guard for decade…top 5 at age 32 right now and still good, sooooo don't disrespect his name. Change the title and put "Questioning Blake Griffins toughest."

  2. CP3 isn't a fraud but being paid $205M will make him one of the most overpaid in the league. Houston, you got a problem.

    Clippers gonna go after Kyrie once LeBron bolts to LA and wins nothing with Lonzo, Ingram, and PG13.

    CP3 – age 32. Ball pounder. Always barks at his teammates. Injury prone with hand or wrist ones. Too short to guard Steph or Westbrook.

  3. This dudes head looks pinched. His ears are so low on his head his glasses don't even sit on them. This thug knows nothing, first take should be embarrassed they put this guy on tv

  4. The clippers are a collection of egos and the difference in personalities is just to great,none of the people seem to have any goals, I never liked Chris Paul, I always thought he was overrated, but he is not to blame, the clippers first mistake is shelling out to much cash to get worthless "veterans"# 2 doc rivers sucks, #3 everyone except Chris and jj reddick have a very low basketball IQs

  5. Paul is gone, Jerry West is on the move! HOORAY! Fat Jeanie Buss could have West back into the Lakers, but she wants Phil Jackson back. West and Jackson are adversaries and Fat J is clearly with her former bed partner.

  6. Naw yall bullshit , win wat champion with tht injury prone ass organization like come on now blake and deandre is trash , jk is a spot up shooter tht can't do anything else ( u still my boy ) acourse Paul wasn't going 2 the playoffs like tht come on now, Paul show leadership 2 a team tht rather stay hurt then ball and no Paul is overrated he better than some of these guards today

  7. I think these young players are unfairly treated when everything should come dwn on them after say 3 yrs as a pro, if your the best player on the team by default, the bullseye points to you…. that said I absolutely detest ppl scapegoating for the likes of Chris Paul who, 100 percent put all the pressure on themselves asking for a trade,whining he couldn't win in New Orleans.

  8. The Clippers to me could be the best team in the west if they stop blaming it on one person n start playing together on one accord but everybody on tht team gotta have the same mind set as well

  9. People ever considered that maybe it's just the entire team ain't good enough? Regardless of the amount of stars and whether or not CP3 is suppose to lead them, this team has been around for a long time and consistently been a 50+ win team and always get knocked out of the 2nd round of the playoffs, maybe this team ain't meant to be?

  10. CP3 is a fraud. he's nowhere near the level of player he was when he was in New Orleans, he got that fat payday and stopped putting 100% into the game. his role in the players union has hampered his clarity into the game. he manipulated everything to grant himself a big fat paycheck, and then basically quit trying. he got his money, today's NBA is filled with cowards, laziness, crybabies, and ref pets. bring back the 70s 80s and 90s.

  11. Who were the Clippers before Chris Paul? How did Chris Paul earn the leadership title before he went to the Clippers? I hate saying guys that have never really hooped don't know basketball but statements like that make it hard.

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