Is Amazon Trading Privacy for Convenience?

Amazon introduces a new service allowing their delivery team to enter clients’ homes and drop off packages when they are not there. Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adrienne Houghton have strong feelings on the new trend.

Would you feel comfortable allowing a stranger into your home to drop off your purchases? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I would do it, but I already have people come into my home to walk my dogs. No big deal really, we have outside and inside cameras and all individuals have been checked out!

  2. Even if you can see them on video dropping it off and leaving, whos to say they didnt also subtly scout your place to come back later and get stuff/you. Who's to say their car doesnt get stolen with your address/keys? Who's to say someone's not out there following them and knocking them out when they reach your doorstep and then they got access to your house? Nah son. I wouldnt even let the police into my home when I'm not there.

  3. …Or they could put items small enough to fit in the mailbox into appropriate size boxes and get a key for the mailbox instead. For larger items, if you know you won't be home, send them to the house of someone you trust.

  4. Heck to the no! For several reason
    1: What if they don’t close the door correctly cuz they were having a crappy day; and now I’m being robbed?!
    2: What If the mail guy/girl has psychopathic tendencies and finally snapped and now they want to kill me and my family?!…
    3: What if they get jumped as they make their way towards my home and the person jumping them steals the key and enters my home?!
    And lastly; HELL TO THE NO! I wouldn’t feel safe knowing that someone who isn’t my family has a key to my home… last time I checked; rapists; killers; thieves etc also have jobs; we just don’t know what they are until they reveal them selves… Hell no. Nope!
    You never know whom you’re dealing with… This is just another ploy of the government to invade our privacy. One day there will be no such thing as privacy if we allow the government and these companies to keep getting slick

  5. So we are going to assume there are only nice people in this world? So are you saying there is no way they are going to copy the key and break into your house later or give to someone else to rob your house??? Ya right…

  6. What is this stupidity… Why TF they leave the Box on the door? Here in Germany they eather leave it to a neighbour but put a special Note in your Post Box to say to Who they gave it, eather they bring it to the Post Office and leave a Note for you again. But never on the door

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