How Pierogis Are Keeping Eastern European Comfort Food Alive | Food Skills

NYC is a dumpling-lover’s paradise, with versions from all around the world available at all times of day. But in a pocket of the East Village known as Little Ukraine, the pierogi is the clear leader in the savory, meat-stuffed dough category. Also packed with cheese, cabbage, and potato, Veselka’s plump and savory potstickers harken back to grandma’s cooking from the old county. Dipping the dumplings in apple sauce is optional, but remember: At Veselka, onions and sour cream are always required.

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  1. I only had pierogi like a month ago for the first time. And they were pretty fucking good. And they were frozen. So now I want to go to a legit restaurant to eat them, cause they'll probably be fucking awesome.

  2. The best consumer frozen pierogis available are "Peter and Pat's Pierogis". Do yourself a favor and get some. "Mrs T's" doesn't even come close. I live in the southeast, perhaps in the north east you can get other brands (or even get them fresh) but down here, Peter and Pat's is your only good option.

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