How much longer will Tom Brady play? | UNDISPUTED

Charlie Weis gives some insight on the future of Tom Brady’s career.

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How much longer will Tom Brady play? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



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  1. bird was a beast but bradys a little better at football  then bird was at his sport but birds back gave out on him .as for why is he comparing him to bird e orr because they were boston legends Jordan wasnt

  2. Charlie and all the good things he has to say about "Tommy"…. i remember how Tommy was there for him after his near-death experience. People, this is one instance where you have to bite your tongue in saying something offensive to this man. he has a history of heart and weight problems, has undergone bypass surgery where he almost died, to the point of having a priest at his bedside already to prepare for his death. Brady was there by his bed that time, just as he was there when he survived the ordeal and Brady testified in court in Charlie's malpractice lawsuit.

  3. Charlie was in Indianapolis shortly befor he got fired he was scouting down there he got lost and had to ask for directions at a Phillips 66 gas station.he said how do I get to 465.the attendant said lose 100 pounds.

  4. 6-7 years? I know in Boston they think Brady's a god or something, but he's just human. And when you get older, no matter how many books you write or how much healthy food you eat eventually your body gets too old to do this physical stuff at this physical level. Sure, maybe he's playing at age 47, but he's going to suck at that age! And Brady once said, "when I suck, I'll retire." I'm with Shannon, he's got 2-3 years left of REALLY high level play. Besides, he has nothing to prove, he should go home and be the best quarterback in NFL history and strive to be an even better husband/dad.

  5. Reality?? A season or 2 maybe 3. Time catches everyone. Tom is a great player and will be talked about a long time but remember, quarterbacks are always at their peak before they decline and there is just no way to forget time. Tom has three seasons worth of just playoff games in his illustrious career so in reality his body is more like that of a 43 year old player. Extra games age a qb worse than anything so I wish Tom all the best but I have a gut feeling we will be watching Tom start out one of these next upcoming seasons soon awesome and just one day it will stop.

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