How much longer will Tom Brady play? | UNDISPUTED

Charlie Weis gives some insight on the future of Tom Brady’s career.

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How much longer will Tom Brady play? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  • How much longer will Tom Brady play in the NFL?

  • With the exception of Pittsburgh and maybe Green Bay, every team in the NFL are morons for the way the operate their business model. Here you have the Pats OC who's last game was in 2004 with the team, and the organization doesn't skip a beat by hiring from within. Just ask Matt Ryan or Phillip Rivers what it's like to keep getting outside coaches.

  • whooooah idk why maybe til he fels like it

  • The real question is how long are real I'm going to survive with a nuclear power nation like North Korea aiming its weapons at us…

  • Can't wait for this season to start! TB12 IS THE G.O.A.T. sorry haters

  • Lay off the burgers brother

  • 3:53 and people say Tom Brady is a handsome man.. I dont get it

  • man charlie weis has aged a lot since SC ND 2005.


  • I'm so confused what's the hippo

  • G.O.A.T

  • I'd be willing to bet Charlie Weis has a heart attack before Tom Brady ends his career.

  • That guy's face is so bloated


  • bird was a beast but bradys a little better at football  then bird was at his sport but birds back gave out on him .as for why is he comparing him to bird e orr because they were boston legends Jordan wasnt

  • Who knows really, we'll have to see each year

  • Father time is undefeated and I'm rooting that he stays undefeated.

  • Father Time is u undefeated

  • Why charlie look like he stashing Walnuts in his throat pouch.

  • Charlie was such a nice guy here at the university of Kansas. He would stay before games just to thank the staff and everyone for what they do

  • I'm hoping Kellerman is under Charlie somewhere.

  • i bet joe theismann thought he had a few years left too…

  • Charlie and all the good things he has to say about "Tommy"…. i remember how Tommy was there for him after his near-death experience. People, this is one instance where you have to bite your tongue in saying something offensive to this man. he has a history of heart and weight problems, has undergone bypass surgery where he almost died, to the point of having a priest at his bedside already to prepare for his death. Brady was there by his bed that time, just as he was there when he survived the ordeal and Brady testified in court in Charlie's malpractice lawsuit.

  • From what I've seen is that QB's drop off FAST. It doesn't just gradually happen. So there won't be any signs of it happening beforehand.

  • Brady is the GOAT. Period.

  • I loved hearing the phrase "he's got it."