Houston Rockets Setting Stage For Superteam | The Russillo Show | ESPN

Ryen Russillo weighs in on the Houston Rockets’ strategy to clear roster space of disgruntled free agents to set stage for a new superteam.

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  • 1st like

  • Rockets movin on up

  • First one here please pin this

  • Yasss

  • 8th comment

  • They already a super team two MVP caliber players on they team

  • whats the point of harden now lmao. you get rid of your best defender and one your best bench players to join ya for cp3 who needs the ball all the time to be affective.

  • lol how fucking desperate nba teams are now after the warriors dominating the league every teams trying their best to beat the warriors but they know it's going to fail nice try tho

  • Who wants Ryan Andersons massive contract? $20 million for a sharpshooter that doesn't do anything else. And for some reason plays like ass at home.

  • Lmao Lou Williams was already in LA with the Lakers then the rockets got him then sent him back to LA to get CP3.

  • Now all the Rockets need to do is sign Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan

  • Meh, still gunna get bounced in the 2nd round by Sam Antonio

  • The Clippers actually won that trade

  • Will Cain is all over ESPN today, dope

  • you see wat u did KD. u fucked the WHOLE league up. all becuz ur snake ass choked a 3-1 lead. weak ass nigga.

  • Rockets will never be a super team. San Antonio Will Beat them again. Sad Chris Paul didn't come. But we good

  • lebron started all this shit, by way of Boston's big 3 lol

  • Can they even beat the spurs though ???

  • im a houston rocket fan and im gonna hate the bandwagon fans that are gonna come

  • blame KD

  • FAXZ

  • Trading Patrick Beverley dum move

  • KD a bum for leaving okc look what u done to the league nappy headed skinny long neck nigga

  • the NBA created the warriors. you're officials ruin the warriors chance at greatness last year and you think they'reโ€‹ just gonna sit back and take it. no we'll get KD so catch me outside, how bout dat.

  • Fuck, why is Will Cain everywhere

  • CP3 doesn't fit a team that likes to run/gun and shoot. CP3 likes to create and find the open man for the shot. In order to make this work, Houston now needs a big man that can get easy buckets in the paint. Blake, DJordan, Chandler, or Iquodala would be nice. Still can't beat Spurs and Warriors though. Good try.

  • Who wouldn't want to play for Mike D'Antoni? With Chris Paul and James Harden as teammates

  • superteam? unless lebron joins them then there's no superteam

  • Chris Paul just wants to make a conference final. Bitch with those big dreams.

  • Guys..,don't let this distract you from the fact that

    England is my city

  • I'm totally fine with this. More superteams mean more competition, not the stacked superteam Warriors just blowing everyone out every year. Eventually, you have to do what you have to do to stop them. The Spurs better not be their usual cheap selves and hope that they can stay on top without adding another star.

  • all these salty spurs fans need to get over it.

  • When is 2K17 going to deliver a roster update? I want to create an Athletic PF and go join the Rockets!!!

  • i love all these superteams forming'..all thanx to gsw'!!… as long as bron dont get another chip am good with it ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  • we are now in the SUPER TEAM ERA

  • WHy is Will Cain also on this?! Cant stand him on first take and now this ?!

  • Can someone tell me why KD is called a Ring Chaser and Lebron isn't? Anyone also mind telling me why people desperately want Paul George to join the Cavs even though that would make him seem like KD because he joined a team that beat him? Other than that I wish Houston luck.

  • LOL. Houston is not a "superteam" add one more superstar, THEN they would be considered a "superteam". C'mon analysts, don't be stupid.

  • I think Chris Paul being in Houston with Harden would make a big difference for other players to join than Dwight Howard. CP3 is highly respected by his peers, Dwight Howard not so much.

  • How can two allstar point guards become a superteam??? Makes no sense. This will hurt Harden's career more unless they let CP3 come off the bench

  • so many sour san antonio old ass fans lol