Hillary Clinton Live Remarks: keynote address at ALA Conference and Exhibition in Chicago

The former secretary of state makes a special appearance and delivers the keynote address at the American Library Association’s annual conference.

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  • FabcKE forgets to release a clip on Trump once again outing them as fake news and refusing to report ABC executive producers wife admitting she was a leaker of government reports. abc news and its reporters  should be ashamed and embarrassed, but when your head is up your ass like theirs is, you don't see reality, also how about reporting on the fact the SCOTUS is showing its support for the travel ban ?

  • How can you tell when she is lying 🤥?because she is opening up he filthy lying mouth ,Thank god Trump is our President

  • Mrs. Hillary Clinton Mr. Hillary Clinton Although I could not become President of the United States, I feel relieved as usual.
    If President Mr. Donald Trump resigns with a scandal or disappointing, it may be possible to become the president of the United States of America.

    from yokohama japan

  • Why is she still in the news get over it she lost fair and square most people just wanted her because she was a woman

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  • This Stupid worthless C.U.N.T. is talking about Fucking Libraries??  LOL…..Bitch this is 2017 !  Nobody goes to fucking Libraries anymore!! . And nobody cares about your LOVE for your immigrants and refugees learning English and knowing their SO-CALLED rights. They have ZERO fucking rights in the USA if they are here ILLEGALY Mrs Clinton!   This is why you lost the election…..Donald Trump wants to put AMERICANS FIRST!!!  Not Illegals and Refugees!  Lock this Crooked HOE up !    Trump 2020 !

  • But there is no fuckingg God

  • she should be in a library. a prison library. the clintons were the most corrupt organization on earth. forget the mafia, nope to the yakuza, it's rico bustin bill and hillary


  • very smart nice lady, love her natural humour, republicans are stealing 880 billion from health care food programs ect which helped millions of Americans to give 880 billion to the 1% a few very rich and to fill thier own pockets. Shame on the trump tards that disrespect this fine American

  • Why is she joking about her criminal acts and the audience are so stupid to applaud a criminal for committing crimes against themselves? Only in America.

  • Aren't you people done with this fake loser? This woman has never won anything,ever. And yet she's still has follower's. Her only success, if you call it a success, is helping to murder 500,000 Iraqi citizens. We could have had a decent person as president if not for her insistence that it was her turn.

  • When there's just not enough thumbs for what you like! Love someone who actually reads!!! 😉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️

  • dumb ass speaking to dumb asses

  • She should be in jail??

  • I LUV HER YALL SOME DUMBASSES PUTTING A DUMB ASS IN OFFICE! have fun getting your health care taken away!!!

  • People forget that there are more than 2 view points, maybe they are both right, but, there are only 2 genders niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • like she's talking to young children

  • ella. es. un. gran. ser. humano.

  • how much did she charge fro this speech?

  • For the love of god would you just go away!

  • Go away trolls, you are vile.

  • Who the fuck is still cheering this crooked piece of shit?

  • i bet she charged 500k for this one. and the dummies paid.

  • You would have thought they could have got a more friendly person then medusa

  • she is such a fraud talking about internet stuff !! she has long been a fraud !! she was instrumental in creating Icann and now she is some old lady baking cookies thats interenet is something the young folks do !! BISH PLEASE

  • In 1960 22% of Black households were single parent. Almost 60 years after the beginning of the welfare state, the number is 72%. Despite spending more per pupil than all but 2 large school districts in the US, at least 6 government schools in Baltimore didn't produce a single student who was proficient in English or math last year. Libraries cannot replace fathers.

  • If you're not going to shut up and go away you old hag, tell us about Seth Rich. And Vince Foster. And Uranium One. And Chinagate. And John Podesta's pedophilia. And all the rest of your crimes and treason, bitch!

  • i"m not a Trump supporter, but i'm glad she didn't win!.

  • you are next ABC

  • so happy she lost.

  • What a fabulous speech!!!

  • I'M SO FUCKING GLAD YOU LOST! AND I CAN'T EVEN STAND TRUMP! You are a LIAR, $hitlery! A LIAR, a CHEAT, a DISGRACEFUL WORM! Go crawl in a hole and die, you old hag!

  • Send this trash to guantanamo bay fucking piece of shit

  • Oh my god you liberals are such cry babies! Trump is your president now, get over it!

  • there's the Hillary I remember a known criminal . take a look at the links below and watch her continue to commit perjury.

  • gooooo Hillary……

  • I wonder how much money this greedy woman got for this appearance. The irony is that the people that occupied wall street are the same people that joined the Hillary cult. I'm not alt-right(I do oppose SJW and the likes) and I did vote for her because the choice was clear but South Park douche vs. turd sandwich explains this election perfectly.

  • Hillary Clinton looks like the whore of babalon for told in the Bible..I support the assassination of HILLARY Clinton ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  • Hillary, go back to the woods and get lost. You are an absolutely horrible person.

  • The power of Christ compel you!The power of Christ compel you!The power of Christ compel you Hillary Clinton!!!

  • This is a Sea Hag and a Sea Beast!

  • Thank you Hillary!

  • Oh you owe a lot alright, like some time in a maximum security prison!

  • Crooked Hillary.

  • La candidata mas "preparada de la historia" con el apoyo de todos los medios de noticias falsas y aun así perdió las elecciones y va por ahí quejándose en los medios de que perdió por culpa de Rusia… es verdaderamente penoso lo de está mujer