Health officials warn this is the worst year for ticks

Infections from tick-borne disease are on the rise; experts advise people to take extra measures to avoid getting bitten.


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  • oh shit

  • And kids this is why I don't go inside

  • Fuck parasites, wish they never existed

  • Better move out of that cabin in the woods in Indiana Mr.Russo.

  • First no one called it

  • Also make sure all your pets are treated with a flea/tick preventives

  • Great, another reason, kids to give their parents, not to go outside.

  • Jesus is coming to save you from the ticks.

  • no mention of pet prevention! ?!

  • yup yup yup get your vacations yup yup get your vacations do it now be for you die remember vacation ar good for you LMFAO go Fuck your self.come near me with vacation I will bust the needle of in your eye

  • fuckin devastating news…

  • head, neck, and arm's? that's odd… i always find them around my ball's.

  • I take a shit in tall damp grass early every morning. I'm more worried about a ticket than a tick

  • As someone who treated herself holistically from chronic Lyme disease, I feel compelled to share: I manage ( which is best for chronic sufferers who may not realize they have Lyme disease until years later, which is what happened to me) By the following protocols, given thanks to the Worldwide known and wonderful Dr Richard Klinghardt and Dr Richard Horowitz: 1) parasite cleansing. Biggest change in how I felt came from addressing and removing digestive or blood parasites which are scientifically proven to host Lyme bacteria. I keep parasite cleansing every few months and eat more fermented foods, drink kombucha teas and yogurts to keep good bacteria fighting the bad. 2) I supplement with L Gluthione orally ( search Amazon for it around $40 a bottle) and I do coffee enemas to release l gluthione the other end too. The Liver becomes overly b trying to fight Lyme and so jump starting it with extra l gluthione really helps the healing and detoxification needed for lymies. 3) daily Epsom salt baths with hydrogen peroxide. Lyme bacteria robs the body of magnesium and oxygen so this cheap two part combo in a bath will address that. 4) I drink cistus tea which removes the body's biofilms which protect the bad bacteria. It AlSO repels ticks or flies from wanting to bite in the first place. Good for kids and pets. I make as a flavored fruity iced tea. Biopure via Amazon makes a tasty one. Expensive but will last you a year…5) Japanese knotweed, pc samento and eleuthro Herb tinctures. Do your own research, good for Lyme. 6) no more parabens or sulfates in shampoos or skin care, remove aluminum based deodorants, and pay attention to how much heavy metal toxicity you may have in your body. ( Dr klinghardt recommends organic chlorella which is a heavy metals binder in the body to remove regularly the heavy metals we accumulate from diet, the environment, radiation sources. As long as I'm keeping up on the above mentioned ( plus enough sleep, rest, and exercise alternative days while healing….listen to the body as it needs time to rest)

  • only dogs, cats, and, other domesticated fur animals bring in the ticks/fleas/parasites…..