Happy Holidays from NBA 2K18

Can’t wait for the #NBAXmas games? Pop #NBA2K18 into your Xbox One and make your own holiday memories.

ESRB: E10+



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  1. I got this as a gift from some one I logged on its Christmas i see 15000 vCard as a Christmas log in but guess what it then said that what I could get for 10 bucks because it was 80 percent off for 1 fucken minute even during the holidays y'all greedy bastareds ea

  2. Happy Holidays! Pay 10,000 VC to unlock the Ronnie2K Holiday DLC, including a FREE Ronnie2K hat for your MyPlayer and a bonus discount on a Ronnie2K celebrity cameo in your MyCourt! 2K18 – It's all about Ronnie2K, not the players!

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